COWS? No, not the animal! Our COWS (Containers on Wheels) are mobile storage containers. Right now we provide COWS for a 40 mile radius of DC. COW headquarters is exploring the idea of creating a network of COW franchises that will enable people to use COWS to move across the USA. Some charity organizations use our COWS in the spring as collection centers prior to their big yard sale.

Why Choose COWS over other mobile storage providers? See the list of reasons below!

  • Lowest rates In the area.
  • No one month minimum.
  • Weather & tamper proof.
  • Wheels on Cows allow for easier manipulation & placement.
  • Curb height allows for easier loading and unloading.
  • Doors open normally as opposed to reaching up for garage type door.
  • Will fit in standard parking space.

Below are the Top Ten Uses for COWS:

  1. Moving services
  2. Mobile self storage
  3. File and document storage
  4. Giving milk
  5. Home staging & de-cluttering
  6. Home remodeling onsite storage
  7. Inventory storage
  8. Construction/Contractor jobsite storage
  9. Equipment storage
  10. Seasonal storage

Interested in using COWS call Beltways Movers today at (800) 966-8348.

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