Are you a past employee of Beltway Movers? If so, we’d love to hear from you! Our plan is to find out where our past employees are so that they can reunite. We’re planning to post the information on the Employee Reunion section of our Facebook Page. Email with answers to the questions listed below, and if possible, send us now and then pictures!

  1. Who are you?
  2. What did you do at Beltway?
  3. When did you work at Beltway?
  4. What is your best moving story?
  5. What are you up to now?

Below is a quick recap of who we’ve stumbled across so far. We’d love to add you to the list, so that you can reconnect with the folks listed below!

The founder George Secrist has two family members who work at Beltway, his daughter Deborah Secrist, administrator and his grandson Calvin Siler, a mover. Below is a picture of George, along with retired police officer Quinton Thompson, who was a former employee of Beltway, and George’s wife Shirley!

The Vice President Bob Benner’s son Chris Benner used to work for Beltway as a crew leader.

The General Manager Dave Niebauer’s son Jacob Niebauer used to work as a crew leader.

The Alexandria Dispatcher Sean Hare is the son of Mike Hare and the former Miss Beltway! Mike used to be a mover for Beltway, while Miss Beltway was the voice of Beltway Movers in the 80s! Below is a picture of Miss Beltway.

While attending Howard University Julian was a sales and marketing intern for Beltway. After graduating from Howard Julian went to law school in Louisiana, he then moved on to become a public defender in Boston. Currently, he’s in Chicago representing the city’s legal interests. Below is a picture of Julian.

We love to hear where all of our past employees are and what they’re up to. We can’t wait to hear from you!


Quinton Thompson and George Secrist

Miss Beltway, far right

George and Shirley Secrist

Quinton Thompson and George Secrist

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