Today I’d like to introduce you to Troy L. He’s an assistant to the Crewleader. Troy shared his experience of working with Beltway Movers with me. Read on to learn more!

Troy began working for Beltway Movers in 2019. He was looking for any job he could get and applied to Beltway after learning about the position from another Beltway employee, Tanner. The trend continues – one of Troy’s friends was hired in April!

Troy started as a Mover Helper. He is now an assistant to the Crewleader. In this position, he helps the entire crew and works directly with the customers. During the loading and unloading process the Crewleader is in the truck, so the customer ends up working with and communicating more with the assistant. It’s a very customer-facing position!

Troy is looking forward to learning to drive for Beltway Movers and learning how to complete the paperwork for our customers. He’s definitely a rising star!

Troy told me he enjoys working for Beltway because he always feels like the rest of his crew and management have his back. He said it always shows best during a hard move. Troy told me they were recently on a 15-hour job in 75 degree weather and it was the comradery of the crew that kept them pushing forward.

Troy makes the move experience rewarding for the customer with communication! He told me that although they have moved an item of furniture 100 times before, he knows it helps to relieve the customer’s stress to hear the crew communicating with each other when moving a piece (i.e.  a mover walking forward and carrying a piece with someone walking backward). Doing so helps the crew members with maneuvering the furniture and the customer hears that they are concerned about the furniture and walls.  Another key part of the communication is to touch base throughout the move to evaluate what concerns the customer has.

One of Troy’s favorite move experiences happened last summer. He said that over the period of a month Beltway moved residents of a retirement community back and forth across the street while apartments were being renovated. He enjoyed seeing some of the same residents as they went by each day and they enjoyed getting to know the Beltway crews. He liked the feeling of family it created. It also established opportunities for residents to ask for a little help here and there when the guys were around moving someone else!

Below are a few things that Troy loves about Beltway Movers…

  • Troy was surprised to learn that although he originally was just looking for a job to make money, he discovered a career at Beltway.
  • He enjoys working with the crews to complete a task that makes our customers’ lives less stressful.

Are you interested in growing in your career while working for a friendly, family-oriented company? If so, click here to apply for an open position.

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