Moving is stressful because there are so many moving parts to consider! The last thing you want to worry about is what packing material you’ll use to pack your personal belongings. Let Beltway do the heavy lifting here. We have all different types of packing materials for your use – cartons, mattress bags, tape, bubble pack, etc. Materials can be picked up at any of our locations or give one of our move consultants a call; they will be glad to help you determine packing material needed and can arrange delivery.
Item Description Price
China (Lamp) [18x18x30] Holds 10-12 place settings $7.50 each
Large [18x18x24] Good for large, light items – Pillows, Tupperware, Toys $5.50 each
Large 6.1 (Shade) [24x18x24] $6.50 each
Medium [18x16x18] Most popular. Will use to pack majority of your household items. $4.50 each
Book [17x13x13] Ideal for books [2 ft.], papers, canned goods, CD’s $2.50 each
Office [Legal] $4.50 each
Office [Letter/2 pc] $4.50 each
Wardrobe with 24″ bar [24×20 40] Will hold 2-3 ft. of hanging clothes $16.00 each
Small Mirror (2 piece) [24x80x4] $11.00 each
Small Mirror (1 piece) [24x36x4] $6.00 each
Large Mirror (2 piece) [40x72x4] $13.00 each
Large Mirror (1 piece) [40x33x4] $7.00 each
Mattress or Box Spring bag (Single) $6.00 each
Mattress or Box Spring bag (Double) $12.00 each
Mattress or Box Spring bag (Queen) $15.00 each
Mattress bag (King) King Box Springs require 2 single bags $20.00 each
Newsprint Allow 5-7 pounds for each dish pack $25.00 for 25lbs
Paper Pads [72x48x3ply] Use for pictures and mirrors $3.00 each
Tape [2″ x 55 yards] Allow one roll per 10-12 cartons $7.00 each roll
Bubble Pack (150′ dispenser box) [3/16″ x 12″ with 12″ perforations] Sold in full dispenser box only $65.00/box
Stretch/Shrink Wrap [20″ x 100′ clear with protruding handles, Blue grips not included] Sold in whole roll only $50.00/roll


Things to Remember

  • The average person will use 5-10 cartons per room.
  • Allow more cartons for kitchen, library, or basement.
  • When available, used boxes will save you money.
  • Beltway Movers will buy back your new cartons for 20% of original price.

Are you planning a move? If so, call Beltway Movers today at (800) 968-8348. We look forward to moving with you!

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