Are you planning on moving locally this summer? If so, you’re not alone! Spring and summer are the most popular times to move. This blog post contains tips and tricks on moving locally. We hope it will help to ease your mind about moving by providing a detailed breakdown of everything you’ll need to know when you’re moving with Beltway Movers.


How do hourly rates work and why do hourly rates change? May through September is the busy season for moving companies. Many of these companies, including Beltway, establish higher rates each spring to compensate for their increased annualized expenses. Customer demand during these busy times peaks the last few days of each month and the first few days of the next month with Friday and Saturday being the premier move days. In general, increased summer volume requires moving companies increase investment in equipment, recruiting, training, and associated company infrastructure. A rate for June 30, for example, is always going to be higher than a rate for November 30. 

Do you charge travel time? Yes, we do. When calculating your move estimate our consultant estimated the time it would take for the moving van to travel from our nearest office to your home and the return time from your new residence to the office.

Are materials and equipment included in the estimate? Generally, we work on a time and material basis.  Products such as our crushproof cartons for lamps, mirrors, pictures and flat panel television, wardrobe cartons and large canvas lined bins for miscellaneous items that don’t fit in a box will greatly reduce the cost of your materials. Our exclusive SmartPack® Move system will provide you with floor runners, shrink wrapping of your upholstered items, pad wrapping and a two tiered loading system that will lower the cost, hasten your move and reduce the hassles.

How Do I Lock in a Good Rate?

  • How do I lock in a good rate?
  • Be open to a flexible move date
  • Move in the middle of the month and week
  • Lock your move rate and date in early with a deposit.
  • Ensure the rate per hour includes the truck, the crew , the equipment and blankets needed for your move

Of course you cannot always control all the factors for your move but following the best combination of the above guidelines should help you secure a lower rate per hour.

Deposits and Payments

Why do I need to give a deposit? When you reserve a move date we commit resources such as drivers, vans, crewmembers and materials specifically to you. Our strict control of scheduling is what has prevented us from ever missing a move. The non-refundable deposit is a mutual guarantee but not meant to be inconvenient. If your move date(s) change, we simply apply your deposit to the new date.

When do I pay for the balance of my move? Should I tip the movers? About thirty minutes prior to completion of unloading, the crew foreman will alert you so that you can inspect each room to ensure that items are placed to your satisfaction. You can then request any changes. He will total the charges, deduct your deposit and answer any questions you may have about the move. The last thing you need to do is pay him with pre-arranged credit card or certified check. Movers don’t expect a tip but f you want to acknowledge their hard work it is appreciated.  Read our blog on line for more information on partnering with and tipping the move team.

Estimates and Scheduling Move Services

How can I ensure I get an accurate move estimate? A phone or in-home consultation offers you the benefit of a trained consultant who will not only tell you rate per hour but help you determine budget and help you “think through” the services you want and need. We can guarantee that an estimate conducted by a Beltway consultant will be within 10% of the actual cost if all items, services, conditions and move dates you discuss remain the same.  You will then have a basis from which to compare cost, services and not just hourly rates.

Move Day Planning, Expectations and Logistics

Do I have to be there during the move? We advise that you get your best value by being present on move day. Communication is not compromised and flexibility is increased. If it is not possible to be there throughout your move please advise your consultant so that your individual circumstances can be addressed.

What time will the crew be here? Beltway has never stood up a customer since 1961. All of us who live in the Washington Metro area understand its traffic issues. These unforeseen gridlocks will on occasion make us late, however, be assured that they will be there! Our consultants noted an approximate arrival time on your written estimate. You will receive a call from our dispatcher on the day before your move to confirm the arrival time, introduce you to the crew and discuss any last minute details.

Will you disassemble and reassemble my furniture? We provide usual and customary disassembly of headboards, footboards and dresser mirrors. Some furniture items such as large wall units or light bridge headboards require a more complex process and may require more time. Please discuss this type of item with your consultant. We will advise you of the additional time and or expense and possibly the need for a third party specialist.

What should I do to prepare for the movers? Glad you asked.  Learn more about the logistics involved with where to park the truck, elevators, loading docks and gated community by reading our blog aptly titled, “Moving Logistics.” Saving time on logistics means saving money.


What do I need to know about storage?  Professional movers have the most cost effective means for household goods storage. It requires move planning to take advantage of this savings by knowing the items you want stored and how long you anticipate the items being in storage. If frequent access to your stored goods will be a requirement consider a self-storage facility.

Do you have your own storage facility? We have storage facilities at our office locations as well as mobile storage. Learn more here

Are you planning a local move? If so, call Beltway Movers today at (800) 968-8348. We look forward to moving with you!

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