Moving can be a complicated process full of many different aspects including coordination, planning, and some confusion! After weeks of packing, decluttering, and avoiding piles of boxes, moving day has finally arrived! The last thing you want to worry about on moving day is aggravating your moving team, neighbors, or family. Whether you’re moving into a house or an apartment, the way you move can considerably impact your neighbors. Where you park the truck, stack your boxes, and how much noise you make can really affect other people. Fortunately, you can also avoid any awkwardness by simply following a few moving etiquette tips.

To make moving day a bit easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of some etiquette rules for you to keep in mind during your upcoming move!

  1. Our Movers are Always in Uniform: It sets the standard for our work habits, but also gives your neighbors peace of mind that our team on the job is professional and can be trusted. For instance, we understand that neighbors need to feel extra safe when they run into our people in the halls at a retirement home. That being said, even though all of our employees are hardworking and strive to be respectful always, we have only certain crews we send to senior communities because we know how important it is for the team to be quiet, orderly, and courteous.
  2. Inform Neighbors of the Move: Give your neighbors a heads up once you settle on a moving date, especially if the truck might block their driveway or if your stuff may limit access to their apartment. Make sure your movers don’t cross over your neighbor’s yard, and keep in mind your neighbors’ If you think it might get loud, try not to move too early or too late in the day. And, once you arrive at your new home, try not to block your new neighbors’ driveway!
  3. Leave the Area Cleaner than You Found It: After the moving truck has left, check the hallways, stairways, and the parking lot or yard for any garbage or debris that was been left behind. Keep your old neighborhood clean — or even cleaner than it was — and you’ll be remembered as a good neighbor. There should be no debris left on sidewalks or yards for neighbors to deal with. After you unpack make sure used boxes are stacked neatly on recycling day.
  4. Follow Regulations: If you’re moving into an apartment building, be sure to respect building regulations concerning where your movers can park at the building, what times they can use elevators, and protecting the building while moving.

At Beltway Movers, our loading system and equipment is utilized efficiently so that we do not leave things sitting in hallways and on loading docks to get in the way of others. We also estimate large moves take place during two shorter days so that crews don’t stay in neighborhoods late into the evening to disturb neighbors after normal work hours. The team at Beltway Movers is considerate of your neighbors and your space on moving day.

Are you planning a move this spring? If so, call Beltway Movers today at (703) 971-3550. We look forward to moving with you!


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