Halloween has passed which means it’s now officially the holiday season! Thanksgiving is just a few short weeks away, and Christmas and Hanukkah won’t be long after. Most people don’t think of this time of year as moving season because, well, it isn’t! Having said that, it can be a fun time of year to move – everyone is happy and full of good cheer, which makes everything easier!

Don’t forget the meal! If you’re moving right before a major holiday you don’t want to forget about your holiday meal. We recommend packing a separate box with all of your cooking essentials, and a cooler with all of your food. That way you’re ready to start cooking when you move in, and you don’t need to dig through your boxes to find everything you need.
An alternative – don’t feel like cooking? Look up restaurants in your new neighborhood to see who is open and make a reservation. Then dress up the family and enjoy a relaxing evening on the town.

Don’t forget the kids! Moving is hard for kids, so make it easier for them by having fun things planned. Before the move look up local holiday events in your new neighborhood, and take the kids so they can have some fun.

Pack a box with crayons, markers, color pencils and coloring books – once you’re at your new home pull them out so the kids can get to work on their holiday masterpieces! Don’t stop at the coloring books, let them have some fun and color the moving boxes, too!

If you’re moving before or during Christmas and Hanukkah, wrap small gifts and pack them all in one box. Once you’re at your new home unpack the boxes and your kids will have a little bit of celebration within their new home.

Don’t forget to book early! The holidays tend to be a slower time of year for moving companies, so more movers take off this time of year. As a result, we recommend booking early to ensure we have a full crew ready to move you.

The final piece of good news for moving over the holidays? Rates are lower during the winter! Are you planning a holiday move?

If so, call Beltway Movers today at (800) 968-8348. We look forward to moving with you!

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