Well here we are – move in day! As I explained in the last blog post, my husband and I moved into our new apartment in Richmond the day after we moved out of our apartment in Arlington. It just made sense sanity wise, for both us and the movers, to complete the move in two days.

Move in day was pretty amazing. I wasn’t stressed at all. My husband and I slept in our new apartment, and were up and ready for the movers arrival at 9:30 am. Cesar and Josh, our movers for move in day, handled EVERYTHING very quickly, which included but wasn’t limited to completely unloading the truck, putting boxes in the right rooms, putting together the bed, offering furniture placement tips and hanging our clothes in the closet. The day couldn’t have gone any better.

The building that we live in is right off of VCU’s campus, so college students were moving into the building the same day we were (we didn’t know what we were getting ourselves into with this building!;)). I realized what a gem we had in Beltway Movers when a father and daughter team were struggling to carry a couch up the stairs, and Beltway offered to help move some of their heavier items at no charge. Beltway Mover hires good, kind people, the type of people you can rely on, and to me that means a lot.

I’ve included pictures in this post to show you what move in day was like from beginning to end.

Now that our move story has come to an end you’re probably wondering if I would ever move with Beltway Movers again. My answer: Absolutely! Beltways Movers turned a stressful process into an easy going one. They were kind, friendly and respectable. Beltway Movers is the way to go when it comes to hiring a moving company.

Photo Credit: Cat Siler

Welcoming Cesar and Josh to my new apartment!
Protecting the floors.

Our new place!
Unlocking the truck.
Prepping to unload!


Welcome to our new home 🙂

Let the adventure begin!

Moving the mattress.

Signing the bill!

Signing the bill.

Moving the mattress.
Assembling the bed.

Assembling the bed.

Moving the chest of drawers.
Furniture placement discussion!


Curious kitty!
Furniture placement

Me and Deborah! 🙂
Water time — it was hot outside!

Yay – successful move!

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