Hi All, Bridget here! This month I wanted to tell you about our move out day. You’re probably wondering why we moved out one day and moved in the next day – it’s pretty simple! Beltway often limits the hours to protect the customer from taking on more than they should on a given day. Since we had a camera crew filming the move (video below!) and had to deal with Friday afternoon traffic south on 95 we had a feeling it would be better for the crew and myself to break up the day.

Anyway, let’s get on with move out day! I woke up bright and early on that day already wishing it was over. I was nervous, for me this was a big move, and while I thought everything would go well I wasn’t sure. I remember seeing the moving truck pull up and telling my husband that I would go out and greet the movers. Boy was I nervous – what do I do, what do I say, what’s expected of me (many thoughts were running through my head). I went up to the driver side of the truck and introduced myself to Cesar (the driver). Within a minute I met all of our wonderful movers Cesar, Josh and Darius – they all put me at ease. They’re nice, capable, and easy going people, which is exactly what’s needed on your move day. A few minutes later Beltway’s customer service representative, Deborah, arrived and we started the move process!

We all headed up to my apartment, so I could show the guys what was being moved. They all seemed to think it seemed pretty straight forward and easy (phew!). Before we started the process we all had bagels, coffee and PLENTY of water. It was an extremely hot day. I’d recommend to everyone out there who’s planning on moving to supply your movers with water, especially on a hot day.

From there it was pretty straightforward! Cesar, Josh and Darius got to work. They seamlessly moved all of my furniture and boxes out of my apartment, and packed them nice and neatly into the truck. Our pictures were wrapped in protective moving blankets and then lowered in to Beltway’s SmartPack ® crush proof carton. It looks kind of like a giant toaster. Our dressers were wrapped and sealed with shrink wrap (we didn’t need to take the clothes out), and our hanging clothes were packed into a moving wardrobe.

One concern that I had was how the boxes would stay secure in the truck while it was moving. The movers showed me that all of the boxes were packed firmly together like a big puzzle. Each tier was then strapped off to reduce movement. Beltway also has shelves in their vans so open top boxes can quickly be loaded on the top of the tier without being crushed. Shelves are most often used on local moves that are charged by the hour. The shelves allow the movers to load more quickly; another Beltway Movers SmartPack® exclusive.

Once the truck was packed we said our goodbyes until the next day. Cesar, Josh, and Darius drove the truck back to Beltway Movers, and parked it in their secure warehouse until it was time for the trip down to Richmond the next morning.

Below is a video of our move out day – we hope you enjoy it! Be sure to check back soon to read about our move in day.

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