Let’s be honest, moving can be stressful. It also isn’t the most enjoyable way to spend a few weeks of your life, especially if you have kids! Moving isn’t easy for kids – they have to leave their home, their friends and the life they’re most familiar with. Today we’re going to give you tips on the best ways to make moving with kids as seamless a transition as possible.


Clearly label boxes to include what’s in the boxes and which rooms they belong in.

  • Taping the boxes with different color duct tape that designates a room also helps. For example, red tape for Angela’s room and green tape for Tyson’s room.
  • Clearly writing content on the side will help ensure that every box in the house is not opened immediately because your kids are looking for “that one thing” they must have!
  • If you have the opportunity to pack things for the kids in clear totes definitely do so – it will help your kids see for themselves and take comfort in knowing that everything is going to the new home with them.

Moving Logistics

Help the movers help you.

  • Ensure that they load cribs, pack and plays and/or strollers last and unload first so you can get set up quickly.
  • If having TV and video games readily available is important make sure the crew knows they are priority when setting up the new house.
  • Make sure toys are completely packed so that movers need not worry about tripping.


  • Do you have a baby? If so, remember to empty the diaper genie BEFORE the movers arrive. If not, everything that’s loaded into the truck with the diaper genie will take on a similar scent – not how you want your new home to smell!

Child Care

  • Hire or ask friends to watch your kids on moving day. This will alleviate stress for both you and your kids.
  • Keeping the kids around for the day? If so, see if there are ways they can help with the move. Kids like to feel helpful and important, especially on such a big day.

Ease Nervousness

  • As noted above – moving isn’t easy – especially for kids. Let your kids know you’re available to talk to them and listen to any concerns and anxiety they might have about the upcoming move.
  • Suggest to your kids that moving is an adventure and doesn’t have to be scary!

Remember, moving doesn’t have to be all hard work and stress, it can be fun for you and your family. Make sure to keep all of the tips listed above in mind – they will make moving day a breeze!

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