Our move consultants are frequently asked if dresser drawers need to be emptied before a move. Since this is such a popular question, we thought we’d share the answer here!

The good news is dressers do NOT need to be emptied of clothes and durable items; however, we ask that spillables and breakables be removed from the drawers before the move. It’s important to keep in mind that you don’t want to leave anything too heavy in the dresser. The reason being, we want to make sure the dresser is stout enough to handle the weight without bending or springing out of align.

You might be wondering how dressers are moved without the contents spilling out all over the truck. It’s simple! Our movers wrap the dressers in soft padding so the drawers don’t fall out and your items remain safely secured! Please note, some customers have taped their dresser drawers shut. Doing so is not necessary and the tape can ruin the finish of the furniture.

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