Are you planning a move? If so, below are important tips for making the early stages of your move run as smoothly as possible over the coming weeks.
Within 3-6 weeks before moving you will want to accomplish the steps listed below. However, if your moving timeline is shorter, just use the list below as a checklist for getting things done before the move!

  1. Choose a mover! We recommend checking with the Better Business Bureau, Angie’s List, American Moving and Storage, and/or Consumers’ CHECKBOOK before scheduling a moving company.
  2. Before you schedule a moving company ASK your friends and family what companies they’ve used and who they recommend. Word of mouth is the best way to go when it comes to choosing a reliable mover.
  3. We can’t stress this enough – schedule your movers ahead of time, especially over the summer. Summer is the most popular time of year to move, so movers book up fast! Tip: Call at least two weeks in advance to schedule a mover, AND try to move in the middle of the week – there will be more movers available and it will be less expensive.
  4. Get at least 3 written moving estimates, and compare companies using Beltway’s guide on selecting a mover.
  5. Schedule a pack day and a move day with your moving company.
  6. Start a physical folder or electronic folder for storing information about your move.
  7. Get change of address cards from post office or plan who you will notify electronically. This isn’t something you will want to deal with post move!
  8. Schedule junk and charity pick-ups.
  9. Shop for new furniture as part of your redesign plan (fun!). Arrange to have it delivered to your new home the day before or after your move.
  10. Contact your insurance agent and ask if your homeowner’s policy will cover your furnishings while being moved.
  11. Clean out your closets!
  12. Set aside one hour per day to de-clutter your home!
  13. Give away or throw out food that you won’t eat before the move.
  14. Notify your gas, electric, cable (all of your utility companies) companies to let them know the cut-off date for service to be ended at your current residence and started up again in your new residence.

Are you interested in learning more about Beltways Movers? If so, call us today at (800) 966-8348. ALSO, check back in a few weeks for a new blog post on prepping for your move two weeks out!

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      Brenda, Thank you for visiting our Blog page. Unlike some companies we do not overbook. Our June reservations are closed. Our next available dates are July 7.


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