Are you moving into a retirement community or a smaller home? We understand it’s not an easy transition to make, and we want to be sure we give you good tips, and are there for you every step of the way.

Moving isn’t just hard physically, it’s hard emotionally as well. Before you begin packing up your home take pictures of each room. Then, years down the road you can look at the pictures and treasure the memories you made in that home.

Once you do begin packing up your home don’t feel the need to get rid of everything – keep the things that are important to you! For example, if you have a favorite dish set keep four settings, instead of eight. If you have old bulky furniture consider donating it, and keeping your smaller items. Then go on a shopping spree for new furniture. That way your new home will be fresh and new with the special elements of your old home.

Are there items you cherish, but don’t have room for in your new home? No problem – give the items to family members and close friends. That way the items will remain close and in good hands!

To ensure your move day is more of a joy than a job follow the tips listed below:

  • Plan for a successful move day.
  • Select someone you trust to help you – two is always better than one!
  • Walk through your home to make sure you’ve packed every last item.
  • Pack essentials
  • Pack a bed linen box
  • Set a reasonable pace
  • Have some fun & don’t forget to eat!

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