Moving and worried about what you’re going to do with all of your stuff? You’re in luck – today Beltway’s going to teach you about storing your belongings in a variety of ways. Storage can help with a bunch of things – from a less cluttered home to storing grandma’s antiques. It can also help you sell your home! Buyers don’t like seeing a lot of clutter when viewing homes, so we recommend that you move extra beds, dressers, etc. from your home into storage while your house is on the market. Another plus, your belongings will be packed up and ready to be moved into your new home!
Need long term storage? No problem! Beltway will pick up your furnishings and protect them while moving. We will then itemize the items into our system and place them in our warehouse for safe storage.
Interested in self-storage? Once again, easy peasy! You can either store items in our warehouse and save money by providing your own labor and transportation.


Fun and Helpful Tip:

What will a 5 x 7 unit hold? A lot, more than you would think! You can plan on being able to store the following in a 5×7:
60 to 70 medium size cartons OR 1 dresser, 1 chest, 1 coffee table and 40 cartons OR 5 trunks, 5 occasional tables, 5 bookcases, 5 side chairs and 25 cartons.
Of course, you can have as many 5 x 7 units as you want. This way you can control as little or as much storage space as you need.
Are you still unsure of what type of storage you need? Not to worry – we offer short term, long term, do it yourself and fully equipped warehouses – something for everyone! Call Beltway Movers today for more information! We can be reached at (800) 966-8348.

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