Brrr it’s cold outside! Are you planning on moving this winter? We’re not going to lie, winter moving isn’t easy, but in our humble opinion it’s worth it. Why? If you were to move over the summer, you wouldn’t be able to enjoy the nice weather; less people move over the winter, so moving companies have more availability; more people in Rockville, Chevy Chase MD, and throughout the DMV move during the summer, so you’ll have a better chance of putting first dibs in on the house of your dreams.

Now that we’ve sold you on moving during the winter, below are a few tips and tricks to help you survive a chilly move!

1. Clean up your sidewalks! Before the movers arrive be sure to shovel and de-ice your driveway and sidewalks. The more treacherous your walkways are, the longer the mover will take. Plus, you don’t want anyone to fall and get hurt.

2. Wear layers! When it’s cold outside you want to wear warm clothing, but when you’re moving you’re going to get warm fast! By wearing layers you can stay comfortable by shedding them throughout the day

3. Offer your movers hot chocolate and coffee! On a cold day nothing is better than a hot cup of coffee or hot chocolate. The movers will appreciate your thoughtfulness, and the warm drinks will fuel them through your move.

4. Don’t forget water! Even though it’s cold outside the movers will still be thirsty, and warm, from moving the heavy furniture.

5. Watch the weather! Keep an eye on the weather. If a big snow storm is headed your way our dispatchers will work with you to determine the safest course of action. When moves must be postponed Beltway makes it a priority to get you back on schedule at your convenience.

6. We hope you find these tips helpful. If you need more tips on moving, check out Your Move Planner.

Are you planning a move in Montgomery County, MD? If so, call Beltway Movers today at (800) 968-8348. We look forward to moving with you!

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