Clear the way. Our teams pride themselves on moving quickly and efficiently. You can help them keep up that quick pace by clearing sidewalks, hallways and stairs before they arrive.
Communicate. Your crew leader will want to ensure that he introduces you to the crew by name. Taking that initial time at the door to get to know them will help you communicate concerns and preferences during the day. If you find that that two way communication is not happening bring it to the attention to the crew leader or dispatcher. We know that you often have many details to attend to when relocating but being available to answer the crews questions with help the process go smoother and will reduce possible misunderstandings.
Make your wishes known about the essentials. It’s your home. Let the crew know whether or not you are comfortable with them using a designated bathroom. If so, consider having disposable paper towels handy to save your linens and other items from the possibility of moving-related grime. If not, make your wishes clear and our team will be glad to honor them.
Many of the teams carry water with them. If you decide to provide beverages be sure to provide paper cups and a trash receptacle for easy clean up on move day.
Gotta eat. Teams will often take a break between your addresses to grab a lunch. Health experts remind us that it takes calories to fuel those muscles. This time will not be added as an expense on your bill of lading. Just love to feed people? You might want to consider high energy products that are low in salt and sugar to keep the guys moving at top performance.
Provide supervision for children and pets. Your stress level will go down a few notches if you have children and pets stay with friends or relatives at the time of the move. This will also reduce chances of accidents for everyone, including the crew.  
Keep the temperature in check. If moving during very hot or cold weather, consider providing fans or space heaters, as exterior doors will likely be left open.
Provide feedback. You will receive an electronic survey the week after you move. Taking the time to rate the crew allows management to gauge how we are doing. Taking the extra step to write comments allows us to reward or train as needed.  

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