Should I tip the movers? We get this question a lot! Movers are a part of the service industry like waiters and hair dressers. And as a result, movers generally are tipped by our customers as a thank you for their hard work and to show appreciation for the level of service they gave. Tipping however is not required.

We know it’s something some people aren’t aware of and since it can be a sensitive subject, we wanted to address it for you in today’s blog post. We’ve broken the post into a few sections to answer the most frequently asked ‘tipping’ questions that we get from our customers.
How Much Should I Tip My Mover? It depends on how well the move went. Were your belongings handled with care? Did the movers ask you the questions needed to get the job done? Did you feel like you were being taken care of? Did their attitudes and expertise make your move day a little less stressful. Beltway Movers wants to be the company you like as much at the end of the day as the day you said “I do” to the move consultant
If they did a great job, we would recommend approximately $20 to $30 per mover for a small local move and approximately $40 per mover for a larger local move. It is not unusual for the crew foreman to be tipped a little more.  If you’re talking about interstate moves, the tipping price will increase. 
How Should I Tip Movers? Most companies will encourage you to provide cash.  How you hand over the tip really depends on your personality and circumstances. If you want to show your appreciation to each member then feel free to gather them together. If things are a bit hurried or you have specific instructions you want carried out then feel free to give the money to the foreman. Once the movers have left, he/she can divide the tip evenly amongst all of the movers. 
Show Movers You Appreciate Them with Water and Snacks: Let’s face it, moving is hard! We recommend providing your movers with bottled water and healthy snacks, i.e. bananas. They will appreciate the nourishment, especially on a sweltering hot day!
If it’s cold on your move day, offer the movers hot tea, coffee or hot chocolate. No one likes to be cold and the idea of a hot drink waiting for you indoors is even better encouragement to get the job done and to take a much needed break with a hand warming drink! 
For more great ideas visit our blog titled Partnering With Our Moving Crews On Move Day.
One more tip. Sales and staff appreciate positive and instructive feedback on our surveys as well as on consumer review sites. Your feedback is as good as gold.
In this blog post we’ve told you what we recommend you do tip wise on moving day, but we also wanted to briefly discuss what our movers shouldn’t do when it comes to tips. We never want our movers to ask for tips. Tips are earned and should never be expected. Our movers are professional and should never make you feel uncomfortable. You should give tips because you want to not because you feel pressure to do so. The review listed below, we just received it!, exemplifies how we work and how we want our customers to perceive us.
“Easily the best experience we’ve had moving. The trio were professional, never complained once, and brought a lot of humor with them. I know it’s not a fun gig (that’s why we paid you!) so it was nice to have that positive energy. As a comparison, I’ve had appliances and furniture delivered and have been met with endless grousing and hints about tips from the delivery people.”
Do you have questions on tipping movers? If so call Beltway Movers today, we’re a moving company in Northern Virginia, today at (800) 966-8348. We look forward to working with you!

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