We wouldn’t be where we are today if it weren’t for our great customers. We move people, not just furniture. Below are a few rave reviews from our clients.

If I could give this moving company a MILLION stars I would have. Beltway movers from Rockville, MD (Team Santos, Dellera, and Thomas) gave me the most pleasant moving experience I’ve had in a decade. During this mentioned decade, I have moved 9 times. Being in the military and changing stations to include cross state lines gives me a little clout to speak from experience. I have used tons of moving companies, some military some civilian. THIS was by far the best. I was met ON TIME and with a smile. I was moving from a first floor condo to the 14th floor of an apartment complex. They were able to get 2 bedrooms, kitchen, living room, two baths and dinette (mostly pre-packed) all packed in a 10 x 30 van in less than 2 hours. They were laughing and joking with us and were extremely friendly. Sometimes having movers can be awkward but not with these gentlemen. We had an hour drive that we made in 45 mins. They were extremely patient when we had a little snafu with the reservation for the elevator. We even had a little picnic in the new apartment because these guys were so good we bought sandwiches for us all to have some lunch while we waited. They were very grateful and polite. When the elevator became available, turns out we had to share with another group that was moving themselves. These movers were so nice to make way and share the spaces and elevator and even helped the others out a little to help expedite my move to not waste time. When everything was up on the 14th floor they even offered to help place some of my larger items to where I wanted them. When “pay the bill” time came, my final payment was within 100 dollars of my quote and that’s even with, waiting for elevator, some box/packaging items they needed to use (which people is to PROTECT YOUR ITEMS not to scam you out of money), and helped move me items in my home. It was raining that day and they remained polite and chivalrous. They offered to cover my girlfriends’ head when she left the building to get into her car and offered to help get a few items inside of her vehicle. I fell this team went above and beyond….and not ONCE asked for tip. I felt like my family helped me move and that means the world when someone you do not know is trusted with every item you own. Thank you so much Beltway movers. You undoubtedly will be hearing from me again. Joint Base Andrews Housing will be getting a detailed email from me as well to give your number out!
-Never more Satisfied, Devaron, March 29, 2014

Service details and cost estimate were easy to understand. Crew was efficient and very professional. Beltway movers are my preferred service provider for my next relocation. Thank you very much for your outstanding service.
-Henry, March 21, 2014

Beltway Movers was so easy to work with from beginning to end! Everyone I worked with there was very nice and I felt like they had my best interest in mind.
-Sarah, March 20, 2014

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