Earlier this month, I interviewed Dave Niebauer, the general manager of Beltway Movers. I wanted to hear from him about the benefits of working for Beltway Movers. Dave told me a story about a warm environment filled with camaraderie and growth opportunities. Dave has been with the company for over 40 years so if anyone knows how great it is, it’s him!

Read on to learn about what Beltway has to offer!

  1. Family-oriented atmosphere and camaraderie: We invest in our team members. Work isn’t only about getting the job done, it’s about building a team. We genuinely enjoy working with each other. Our team members get to know each other and build friendships. We also like to have fun events for our employees, such as catered breakfasts.
  2. Growth: We promote from within! If you’re hired as a part-time mover, there’s the opportunity to become a driver, join the sales team, or become a move consultant. The possibilities truly are endless!
  3. Flexibility: We understand that our team members have lives outside of work. Families and school are big commitments, and we want our team members to be able to focus on those things. As a result, we offer part time positions and are flexible with hours.
  4. Travel: Do you like to travel? Beltway moves families up and down the East Coast. Long distance moves are a good opportunity for our team members to see new towns and have fun while doing it!
  5. Satisfaction:  Moving families from one home to another is a big responsibility that comes with a lot of satisfaction. We move our families’ most personal possessions from one home to another. It’s satisfying to help them and gain their trust! Many of our customers have moved with us more than once.
  6. Learn Skills: Our team members learn how to assemble / disassemble furniture, pack and unpack the truck, etc. We complete each move feeling accomplished. The moving skills acquired during a summer at Beltway or 30 summers will be ones your friends and family will appreciate even when you are off the clock.

Are you interested in growing in your career while working for a friendly, family-oriented company? If so, click here to head on over to our website and apply for an open position.

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