Today we’d like to touch on a question we’ve been asked a lot recently. The question is, “What do I do with my belongings if I’m moving out of my current home and my new home isn’t ready yet?” We understand that the possibility of this happening is common and can cause a lot of stress. In this blog post we’d like to explain the options to you and, in doing so, help to dissipate some of the stress surrounding your move. Read on to learn more…

  1. One of the benefits of moving with Beltway is that if you need to store some, or all, of your belongings, we will be able to take care of both the moving and the storage for you. The plus of this scenario is that Beltway is the only company handling your belongings. This means you can rest assured knowing your belongings are in good hands from when they leave your old home until they arrive at your new home. The rates differ if you have a short or long distance move, so be sure to check with your move consultant on pricing.
  2. When items are placed in storage they must be inventoried. This means that each item and its condition is labeled and the corresponding number is written on an inventory form. Customers who place their belongings in storage must sign a form confirming that all of their items are accounted for.
  3. Another option is to store your belongings on a moving truck for a few nights. Beltway charges a flat rate to keep customers’ belongings in the truck overnight. What are the benefits of this option?
  • Apartment Leases: If your apartment lease ends on the last day of the month and your new lease doesn’t begin until the first of the month, you don’t have to worry about what to do with your belongings in the interim.
  • Settlement: If you close on your old house one day, but don’t move into your new house for a few days, there’s no need to worry about what to do with your belongings in between houses.
  • Security: The truck is locked so your belongings are safe and sound.
  • Local Moves: If you’re moving locally, you do not need to pay for the time it takes to store and inventory your belongings.
  • Less Wear and Tear: The furniture is handled less, which means there’s less wear and tear on your belongings.
  • BONUS: It’s less expensive to move during the week. You can save money by moving out of your old home during the week and into your new home a few days later. This works best for people that need to move out on a Friday and have the option to move into their new home the next week. If you can wait to move until early the next week, you’ll save some money. 

Key Takeaway: We have move consultants for a reason! If you’re not sure how to proceed with your move, please contact one of our move consultants right away. They’ll be able to suggest what makes the most sense time and cost wise for your move. The sooner you commit to a moving company, the more room you have for flexibility.

Call Beltway Movers today for more information! We can be reached at (703) 971-3550.

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