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Moving Supplies

We offer a wide variety of boxes and packing supplies for do it yourself packers. Materials can be picked up at any of our locations or give one of our move consultants a call; they will be glad to help you determine packing material needed and can arrange delivery.

China (Lamp) [18x18x30] Holds 10-12 place settings $7.50 each
Large [18x18x24] Good for large, light items - Pillows, Tupperware, Toys $5.50 each
Large 6.1 (Shade) [24x18x24]   $6.50 each
Medium [18x16x18] Most popular. Will use to pack majority of your household items. $4.50 each
Book [17x13x13] Ideal for books [2 ft.], papers, canned goods, CD's $2.50 each
Office [Legal]   $4.50 each
Office [Letter/2 pc]   $4.50 each
Wardrobe with 24" bar [24x20 40] Will hold 2-3 ft. of hanging clothes $16.00 each
Small Mirror (2 piece) [24x80x4]   $11.00 each
Small Mirror (1 piece) [24x36x4]   $6.00 each
Large Mirror (2 piece) [40x72x4]   $13.00 each
Large Mirror (1 piece) [40x33x4]   $7.00 each
Mattress or Box Spring bag (Single)   $6.00 each
Mattress or Box Spring bag (Double)   $12.00 each
Mattress or Box Spring bag (Queen)   $15.00 each
Mattress bag (King) King Box Springs require 2 single bags $20.00 each
Newsprint Allow 5-7 pounds for each dish pack $25.00 for 25lbs
Paper Pads [72x48x3ply] Use for pictures and mirrors $3.00 each
Tape [2" x 55 yards] Allow one roll per 10-12 cartons $7.00 each roll
Bubble Pack (150' dispenser box) [3/16" x 12" with 12" perforations] Sold in full dispenser box only $65.00/box
Stretch/Shrink Wrap [20" x 100' clear with protruding handles, Blue grips not included] Sold in whole roll only $50.00/roll

Things to Remember

  • The average person will use 5-10 cartons per room.
  • Allow more cartons for kitchen, library, or basement.
  • When available, used boxes will save you money.
  • Beltway Movers will buy back your new cartons for 20% of original price.

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