What to Expect

When getting an estimate what should you expect?

Expect to invest some time.
We encourage you to invest planning efforts up front if you want an accurate picture of the move day costs. Plan on spending up to a half hour by phone or in your home with a moving consultant discussing the furniture to be moved and services needed. The consultant will not only give you the cost but provide move planning guidance.

Expect something in writing.
Regardless of whether its a local move charged by the hour or a long distance move charged by weight, you should expect to see in writing a clear list of charges for moving and labor, packing materials, additional services such as storage and recommended liability coverage and cost. Look for references to travel times, fuel surcharges, or extra fees.

Expect an estimate.
The quote given to you by companies is not a contract price. We can, however, guarantee that an estimate conducted by a Beltway consultant will be within 10% of the actual cost if all items, services, conditions, and move dates you discuss remain the same.

Expect to ask questions.
Is the company registered with state and federal agencies?
What is their standing with the Better Business Bureau?
Does the company subcontract your move?
Are their movers back ground checked and insured employees of the company?
What is the moving company’s policy regarding damages?
What guarantee are they offering on the estimated price?
What is their policy on arrival times?

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Everyone I dealt with was great there, from the consultants, to the move crew. Would recommend them to anyone moving in the DC area. — Chetan P.