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When people are talking about DC, they are mostly referring to Washington. And, being the capital, this city is one of the most visited cities in the entire US. However, tourists are usually not aware that the DC metropolitan area consists of several cities. Those cities primarily belong to the DC (District of Columbia). But, they also belong to the states of Virginia and Maryland. So, in case you consider moving to DC, you will easily find one of the moving companies DMV to help you. However, before that, you have to make choice. So, to help you, we will present here several DC cities. And, it will hopefully help you to choose the best cities in DC for families.  

Moving to the District of Columbia with family

The whole DC area is an excellent place for young families. There, your kids will be able to attend high-quality schools. Also, all cities belonging to the District of Columbia are known for their low crime rates. So, your kids, you, and your property will be fairly safe. 

And, moving to DC, you can expect a lot of excellent housing options. And a lot of family-friendly activities. So, regardless if you are living in one of the Washington neighborhoods, or in one of the DC cities, you can expect good living conditions. Also, the costs of living are moderate. And the job market is not only rich, but you will easily find well-paid jobs.     

The Francis Scott Key Memorial Bridge at Night in one of the best cities in DC for families.
Memorial Bridge is connecting Arlington VA and Washington DC.

Lots of young families are moving to the DC area

The records of the DC area movers show that annually, a lot of young people are moving to DC. Among them are also a lot of young families. The main reason for this is the ever-expanding job market. And, the job offers are very attractive. Also, most of the jobs are well paid. And, after choosing among the best cities in DC for families, you can expect an excellent work-free time balance. Which, on the other hand, will give you the opportunity to spend more time with your kids.

Which are the best cities in DC for families?

In case you are coming from another part of the country, you will not know much about living in DC. So, before you make the final decision and hire the help of long distance movers DC has to offer, you should learn about the area. Also, you should learn about the cities. That will help you to find the one that is meeting most of your requirements. 

Many people are choosing smaller cities for living in the vicinity of a big city. That way, they can secure good jobs. And, they can have peaceful and quiet places for their families.  So, we will present here several such places that we consider the best. And we hope it will help you to make your choice. Here is our list:

  • Arlington, VA
  • Alexandria, VA
  • Gaithersburg, MD
  • Bethesda, MD
  • Reston, VA
  • Rockville, MD

Could Arlington, VA be one of the best cities in DC for families?

Here is some general info about Arlington VA:

  • Residents – 236,434
  • Median Home Value – $731,700
  • Average Monthly Rent – $2,005
  • Median Household Income – $122,604

Basic facts about the city

In Arlington, 57% of the residents are renting. And, many of them are moving often due to their occupation. So, if you are having the same moving tempo, you may have use of the good storage services. The city is primarily known as a hub for defense and military complexes. And, the most famous among them is Pentagon. Also, the famous National Cemetery is located there. Arlington is located alongside the Potomac River. And, it is enough to cross the Memorial Bridge to get to Washington DC.

mother and daughter packing
Arlington is one of the best cities in DC for families!

Job market

The job market in Arlington is good. However, you can also easily find very attractive jobs in Washington. And, since commuting is easy, you can spend the morning in your office there. And, in the afternoons, you will have ample time to go around with your family. The main employers in Arlington are:

  • US Air Force
  • US Army
  • US Marine Corps
  • US Navy
  • Virginia Hospital Center

Quality of living

So, if you decide to move to Arlington, you may like to know that its public schools are highly rated. However, you may also choose one of the excellent private schools for your kids. This beautiful city is known for its relaxed lifestyle. The crime rate is low, and you will feel safe walking around. Besides many outdoor activities in parks and places around the city, you can also enjoy many bars, restaurants, and coffee shops. Overall, Arlington is a good place for raising a family. However, if you decide to move to Washington or some other city, you can always count on the residential movers Washington DC has to offer to help you relocate.

Group of People Standing on Wooden Bridge.
Most cities in the DC area are offering a lot of outdoor activities.

Living with family in Alexandria, VA

Some general info about Alexandria VA:

  • Residents – 158,309
  • Median Home Value – $572,700
  • Average Monthly Rent – $1,774
  • Median Household Income – $102,227

Basic facts about the city

Alexandria VA is located just 7 miles south of Washington DC. The city presents a perfect blend of historic buildings and natural beauty. Alexandria VA holds an important place in the US’s early history. Most of the historical sites you will find in the city center, which is usually referred to as the “Old Town.” There, you will walk on cobblestone pavements. And you will be passing by the houses which are existing for centuries. This part of Alexandria is one of the favorite tourist spots. Also, Alexandria is known as the hometown of George Washington. 

In modern-day Alexandria, near the “Old Town”, you will find many boutiques and restaurants lined up at the waterfront. In case you decide to move to this lovely city, this will be just one of the sites to enjoy. Alexandria is also known for cruising at the Potomac River, and George Washington Masonic Memorial. Besides, you will be able to visit and explore many interesting places around the city. 

Alexandria job market

Moving to Alexandria, you can expect a rich job market. The main employers in Alexandria are:

  • Department of Defense Educational Activity
  • The Compass Group
  • The Salvation Army
  • EdgeSource
  • ProSphere

This is just a part, but the list of employers is much longer. And you will have the opportunity to check them once you move to this interesting city. Also, the average commute time in DC is about 32 minutes. So, you can also check the job market there.

Quality of living

Alexandria VA is considered a good place for families. It has excellent public and private schools, and they are highly rated. In general, the city has good safety rates. So, after using the services of local movers DC, you will be able to enjoy a rather relaxed and comfortable lifestyle. And, in your spare time, you will have a lot of places to visit.

An empty street with beautiful fall colors on both sides in one of the best cities in DC for families.
Virginia is known for its beautiful nature.

Moving to Gaithersburg, which is one of the best cities in DC for families

General info about Gaithersburg MD:

  • Residents – 67,878
  • Median Home Value – $413,500
  • Average Monthly Rent – $1,754
  • Median Household Income – $91,845

Basic facts about the city

Gaithersburg is divided into the east and west sections, by Interstate 270. At the same time, the part with historical heritage is separated from the modernized parts of the city. Today, although some historic communities and traditions have been preserved, Gaithersburg is a modern suburb of Washington DC. It has also become a major regional city for high-technology companies. Living in Gaithersburg, you will have many opportunities to visit the lake waterfront. And to enjoy, together with your family, in malls and restaurants along the Potomac. In case you like watersports, you will have the possibility to rent paddle boats. Or, you can simply follow one of the walking tracks. There are many nice hiking trails around the city.

Gaithersburg job market

Besides many job opportunities in Washington DC, there is also a good job market in Gaithersburg. The main employers in Gaithersburg are:

  • Sodexo
  • Emergent BioSolutions
  • Edgewood Management

Quality of living

Many consider Gaithersburg a family-orientated city. So, moving your family in there, you will be very satisfied. Besides top-notch schools, the city has rather high safety scores. And, living in Gaithersburg, you will notice that many shopping malls are conveniently accessible. You will also enjoy many restaurants, parks, and community centers. And, you will definitely love the Rio lake waterfront and its boardwalk. As well, you will enjoy a relaxing time in Seneca Creek State Park, and the Gaithersburg Community Museum.

Moving to Bethesda, MD

General info about Bethesda MD:

  • Residents – 65,092
  • Median Home Value – $927,600
  • Average Monthly Rent – $2,075
  • Median Household Income – $172,873

Basic facts about the city

Despite the high real estate prices, 67% of residents own their property. Bethesda is one of the most important health care centers in the US. The National Institute of Health and Walter Reed Medical Center is located here. So, moving to Bethesda with the help of interstate movers Washington DC could be the right decision for you. Especially if you are a healthcare professional. The mentioned hospitals are providing the best medical care for veterans and soldiers injured in combat.

Bethesda is also known for promoting arts and culture. Their Music Center is hosting various orchestras and performers from the region. And, the Round House Theater is the stone for ambitious local talents.

Corridor in the health care center with personnel waking.
Bethesda is one of the most important health care centers in the US.

Bethesda job market

As we could see, you can easily earn a rather high income working in Bethesda. Its job market is rich, with many job openings. However, in case your profession is more demanded in Washington DC, commuting won’t be a problem. Regarding Bethesda, the main employers are:

  • National Institutes of Health
  • Walter Reed Medical Center
  • Enviva Partners

Quality of living in Bethesda

If you ask residents, they will all agree that Bethesda is the walker’s paradise. And, anything that you need, you will find within a walking distance. Besides, the city is proud of its high safety scores. Therefore, it is not unusual to see people going alone for a walk during the nighttime. The top-notch public schools in the city are one more reason to move there with your kids.

Maybe Reston VA will be the best city for you and your family

General info about Reston VA:

  • Residents – 61,418
  • Median Home Value – $514,300
  • Average Monthly Rent – $1,898
  • Median Household Income – $121,563

Basic facts about Reston VA

As a part of the DC metropolitan, Reston is a primarily residential area. It is an eye-catching place where natural beauty is blending with urban landscaping. According to many, Reston is the best place to live in Virginia.

The special attraction in Reston is Van Gogh Bridge, designed by William Roehl. The bridge was constructed to resemble the famous painting. It is located at Lake Anne Village Center. And, it is one of the main Reston attractions. Besides, living in Reston, you will enjoy visiting Great Falls Park. That is a perfect outdoor setting for outdoor activities, including rafting and hiking.

Job market

Regardless of being primarily a residential area, Reston still has a rich job market. The main employers in this picturesque city are:

  • Leidos Holdings Inc.
  • NCI Inc.
  • Pantheon
  • Software AG

Are you considering moving your private business to Reston? If so, it would be good to consult with office moving companies DC has to offer. They will give you many useful tips.

Person using a computer
Reston has many great job opportunities!

Quality of living in Reston VA

Good schools and high safety rates are making Reston one of the best cities in DC for families. Also, in the city, you will enjoy many family-friendly activities. And, one of them is the Water Mine Swimmin’ Hole. Or, you can enjoy in some other recreational areas.

Rockville, MD

General info about Rockville, MD:

  • Residents – 68,155
  • Median Home Value – $540,100
  • Average Monthly Rent – $1,914
  • Median Household Income – $111,797

Basic facts about Rockville, MD

Rockville is one of the cities known for its historic architecture, blending with modern urban landscaping. That is giving the town a unique charm. In there, you will see many old mansions, resembling the building style of old ages. The main attractions in the city are Rockville Railroad Station and the Beall-Dawson House. Also, many residents love visiting Rock Creek Park. That is giving them the opportunity to enjoy many outdoor activities.

Job market

Rockville is known as the main hub for software and biotech companies in the area. So, you can easily find a good job in this sector. However, the main employers in Rockville, MD are:

  • Shady Grove Fertility – Rockville
  • Quality Inn
  • Supernus Pharmaceuticals Inc.

The quality of living in Rockville could make it one of the best cities in DC for families

Besides being a diverse and safe environment, Rockville is also known for its excellent public schools. So, living in there, you will have ample outdoor activity. So, as they are diverse, the whole family will love them. Also, you can easily rich Washington DC, at any time. If you are considering moving to Rockville, give us a call and get a free estimate before you move.

Living in Washington DC

When you are considering what are the best cities in DC for families, don’t forget the capital itself. Although it is a big city, it has a lot of nice neighborhoods, and, some of them could be the right choice for you. You might be surprised about the conditions and amenities that some of them offer. Anyhow, we hope that we’ve managed to give you a basic insight into DC cities. And to show you which of them could be good for raising the family. Also, we are sure that you will be happy with your final choice.



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