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Moving long distances is a demanding process. That is why it is important to start preparations for moving on time. You need to do all the work at the right time so that you don’t miss something. This is where this comprehensive long distance moving timeline comes into play. It will help you look at all aspects of long distance relocation and figure out where to start when it comes to relocation planning. You will find out when to start packing, what you must bring with you, how to choose the right moving company and much more. And if you have any problems, after all, you can always call Beltway Movers DMV, and we will be happy to help you. So let’s start from the beginning!

Follow a long distance moving timeline and your move will be successful

One of the most important things when it comes to moving long distances is good organization. If you organize everything well and hire trusted long distance movers DC, you don’t have to worry about how your move will go. Just follow this long distance moving timeline and be sure that you will not forget anything. Yes, it can be that simple. Try and see for yourself. We will try to show you what you should do every week before you move. This will help you a lot to find your way around with your packaging and organization.

Planner and laptop on the table.
If you start planning and organizing the move earlier, you will be able to finish everything on time.

First things first – what you need to do before making the final decision to relocate

Good organization of relocation begins even before the decision to relocate. This may sound illogical to you, but we will explain what we thought. Namely, when choosing a place to move to, you must study it well and get to know the characteristics of the place before you make a final decision. Many factors affect the course of the move – traffic jams, more or less populated city, passability and size of the street, the house/apartment you are moving into, and much more. To make sure that everything will go well when choosing a place to move, take these factors into account.

Another very important thing is to determine what your moving budget is before you start moving. If you do it on time and accurately, you will know what to expect during the move. As well as how much you will be able to pay residential movers Washington DC and their services.

5-8 weeks before moving day

  • Create moving inventory – A few months before the move, the real preparations for the long distance move begin. For starters, you should create an inventory list, so you know what you have and what you need to pack for moving.
  • Find packing supplies – When you make a list, you will know approximately how many packing boxes you need. Now it’s time to start looking for the right packaging materials. Contact moving companies that can provide you with solid and safe packaging materials.
  • Hire a verified moving company – In addition to packaging, one of the most complex tasks is finding a proven moving company. When looking for experienced DC area movers be sure to contact more agencies. Request free estimates of your relocation and choose the one that offers the best services at affordable prices.
  • Make a list of all house maintenance – Check the condition of your house and whether any repairs need to be done before you move out.
The couple follows a long distance moving timeline and packs things on time.
Find packing materials and start things on time.

4-6 weeks before moving day

  • Set a relocation date – Call your moving company and set the exact date of your move so you can start preparations.
  • Declutter your home –It’s time to clean up your house. Pick out the things you don’t need anymore and divide them into three piles, donation, throw away, and sale.
  • Donate excess things – Offer things you don’t need, and can still be used, to friends or relatives. Or donate to charity.
  • Make moving sale – Earn money for moving by selling things you don’t need. You can make a yard sale or you can sell things online.

3 weeks before moving day

  • Begin with packing – Start slowly by packing things you don’t use every day. Start with seasonal wardrobes, decorations, and equipment that you do not use.
  • Store things you won’t move with you – Find safe storage and store things you want to keep but won’t take to a new home right away.
  • Pack all important documents – Pack all important documents (passports, birth certificates, insurance cards, financial records) in one place so that they are not lost during the move.

2 weeks before moving day

  • Pack most of your things – It’s time to pack all the things you can go without for two weeks. Go from guest rooms to kitchen items you can go without. Don’t forget to mark what is in the boxes to make unpacking easier.
  • Transfer medical records – Prepare all the paperwork you need and transfer your health and dental records to the location where you are moving.

1 week before moving day

  • Pack some furniture – Pack all the furniture you can on your own without the help of movers.
  • Pack essential bag – The bag with basic things for all household members should contain important documents, spare clothes, bedding, and basic hygiene items.
  • Make a moving day checklist – Just as a long distance timeline helps you get organized for moving, a moving checklist will help you make your moving day a success. Write down all the important obligations that you must not forget.

1 day before moving day

  • Turn off all your appliances –Now it’s time to turn off all appliances – refrigerator, stove, freezer, etc.
  • Final packing – Pack everything that is left, leave only the things you will pack in the car tomorrow, and take them with you.
  • Finish cleaning the house – Clean the house, and make sure everything is tidy before you move out.
The woman with a balloon smiling
Follow a long distance moving timeline and move with a smile.

On a moving day, things become easy if you have followed the long distance moving timeline

  • Check every corner one more time – Check every part of your house once again, so that you don’t accidentally forget to pack or bring something.
  • Greet the movers and tell them what to do – Wait for the workers and introduce yourself to them. Make sure they have all the paperwork ready and explain everything they need to know. Give them your phone number to have contact just in case.
  • Return the keys to the landlord or real estate agent – Say goodbye to your home and return the keys to the landlord or real estate agent.
  • Enjoy the move – And finally, take a deep breath and embark on new adventures. Your move can begin!

This long distance moving timeline can help you move with a smile

As you can see, with good organization, you can do everything on time. It is enough to follow the long distance moving timeline and there is no rush. Happy moving!


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