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    Apps have taken over how we organize our lives, whether it be on tablets, phones, or computers; they help us comb through our disorganized, complicated lives and come out at the other end (somewhat) organized!

    I have to say, I think there’s an app for everything – from calendars to when to exercise to what to eat to when will my baby be born – the list is limitless! Beltway Movers is most excited about moving apps. Let’s be honest moving is extremely stressful and the less organized you are the most stressful a move will be. Moving apps are great because they help you to keep all of your ducks in a row when it comes to moving. Below are a few apps that we tried and think you might find helpful.

    Moving Planning

    There are a lot of details to cover when planning a move and there is a right time to do them. If you like writing a “to do” list in the moment or find the thrill of checking an item off your list motivating then a move planner app may be for you. Beltway Movers emailed this app designer (listed below) with a question and we were thrilled to get a prompt reply!

    Moving Checklist Pro ($.99)

    By Jimbl Software Labs, LLC

    With this app you won’t forget a thing! It’s a checklist/planner that’s pre-loaded with more than 210 moving related items. You can build lists from the app and have everything in one place, then you won’t have to worry about losing handwritten lists. Another plus, you can email the lists to your family, so everyone is on the same page.

    Packing Assistant

    While it’s true you can write on the side of a box, why not take organization to a whole new level? Packing apps allow you to add detail and pictures to your records of packing content. This may come in super handy for boxes you will be putting in storage and not unpacking right away after the move.

    Moving Van (iPhone, $1.99)

    By haptic Pty. Ltd

    This app really takes the headache out of unpacking. While packing, give each box a name and list the contents of each box within the app. Then if you can’t find something once you’ve moved into your new home, just reference the app and find which box the item is located in.

    Furniture Inventory

    Move Estimator ($2.99)

    By Ageasoft, LLC

    Unsure of how much your couch weighs? No problem! Add your furniture into this app and get a pretty accurate estimate of how much the item weighs. Once you’ve gone through your home and ‘weighed’ all of your furniture you will get an estimate of the volume and weight of your home.

    There is no substitute for a live move consultant, who knows the business, to give you advice on moving those items or helping to ensure you did not forget to include anything in the list. This app allows you to submit your information to other moving companies who pay to be aligned with the app. We, of course, would prefer you let Beltway Movers help with your move logistics and have a chance to provide a fair price with no minimums. If you’d like, please feel free to use the app for an estimate, and then send the estimate to Beltway for review.

    Storage App

    My Storage Box (free)

    By WOW!brands Family

    Are you planning on using a storage unit? If so, this app is for you! Before loading the items into your storage unit scan them using a qr code, and then save the storage information to your phone – once and done!

    A few more apps to get you through the move…

    Waze (iPhone and Android, free)

    By Waze

    Don’t get lost driving to your new home! Download Waze and you will arrive to your new home in the most efficient way possible. How? It’s easy – Waze will give you directions, alert you to traffic and give you real time alerts from other drivers about road work, accidents, etc.

    Seamless – Free Food Delivery & Takeout Service (free)

    By Seamless North America, LLC

    At the end of a long move chances are you, and no one else in your moving party, will want to cook. Not to worry, just download Seamless and order your food through the app, it will be delivered to your door! Seamless provides menus for participating restaurants (over 12,000 nationwide), along with reviews and ratings. Once you’ve ordered the food you can either have it delivered right to your door or pick it up. We’re guessing after a long day of moving you’ll opt for delivery!

    Please keep in mind, the internet is a fluid world, so apps will come and go! Our top recommended apps were tested by a Beltway employee and accurate as of the summer of 2015.

    Interested in a moving company in Montgomery County, MD? If so, call Beltways Movers today at (800) 966-8348. We look forward to moving with you!

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    Bill was excellent in both estimating and explaining the move, which entailed working with multiple people and delivery points. Follow up from the office was very professional, questions and concerns were answered promptly, and paperwork was thorough and easy to understand. Beltway is clearly a team operation, and a winning one at that. I would absolutely use Beltway again, and especially commend Caesar, Rene, and crew. I chose Beltway based on the promises made, and from start to finish, they did everything they said they would, and more. The team clearly understands the moving process from both a psychological and logistical standpoint

    - Larry O. March 16, 2021

    They were so quick obviously. They were very nice and helpful. And my wife specifically liked how they would talk out loud about their own safety and about protecting the walls and floors. Very amiable. Loved the experience!

    - Eric D. August 9, 2021

    Our move consultant, Ben, was very friendly, informative, and kind. Ben was willing to help anyway he could to put us at ease and to explain the cost and process. Amazing and conscientious, quick and courteous, these guys finished in record time. Our next move will be with Beltway movers, no questions asked.

    - Jordan S. February 18, 2021

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