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    Are you thinking, “I have bed  bugs, and I’m moving – what do I do?” If you have ever been the victim of a bed bug infestation, you know how annoying and persistent they can be. The tiny orange or tan pests feed on blood and can live in almost any of your belongings. Not surprising, one of the most common place bed bugs take shelter is in your mattresses and box springs. Here, they have easy access to food while humans sleep (creepy!). However, bed bugs can take shelter in almost anything, from clothes to books to pets. That’s why when people discover they have a bed bugs issue, they usually either get rid of most of their belongings, or move to a new place.

    If you’re moving away from a place that is infested with bed bugs, it’s extremely important to make sure that they do not make the trip with you. Unlike many pests, bed bugs do not travel very far on their own. That’s why important to make sure you aren’t accidentally bringing bed bugs with you on your move. Here are some precautions you can take to prevent introducing bed bugs to your new home.

    – Thoroughly wash all clothes and linens before packing them. Store them in sealable bags or bins for the move.
    – Inspect all of your belongings before packing them away. Quickly flip through books to make sure bugs aren’t hiding in between pages. Inspect any luggage that you’ll use to help move.
    – While using old boxes can save money, they also increase the chance that bed bugs join the move. Likewise, don’t buy used furniture for your new home.
    – Consider using an encasement for any mattresses and box springs that you are moving.
    – As for yourself, make sure everyone in your family showers and wears clean clothes during the move. If you have a pet, bathe them and consider a haircut before moving.

    Making sure your belongings are free of bed bugs and properly packed before you move is the best way to prevent a bed bug infestation in your new home. It is much easier to prevent against bed bugs than it is to get rid of them.

    Moving & Bed Bud Precautions

    While bed bugs can be incredibly difficult to eliminate from your home, there are a couple precautions you can take when moving. If you notice bed bugs on your sheets or living on another belonging of yours, seal the item in a bag with a vapor strip inside. It is recommended that you leave the bag sealed for at least two weeks to properly work. Another way to kill bed bugs is with heat. Try leaving any infested items in a black plastic bag outside in the sunlight. If you’re worried that bed bugs making the move with you, both of these techniques can be used while moving to decrease the chances of bed bugs surviving the trip.

    Don’t have bed bugs and want to prevent them when moving? Choose a reputable company. A fly by night company may cost you more than you bargained for in the end. Beltway Movers takes added precautions to combat infestations of bugs. Our warehouses for storage are inspected for insects monthly. We tell all of our customers who are worried to come on by – and that they don’t have to bother to tell us when. That way they can inspect our warehouses to confirm there isn’t a bed bug in sight!

    Additionally, we require the use of mattress bags on our moves. Our crews are trained to spot flea and or bed bag infestations and react accordingly. Bugs are bad for business. We do not want them anymore that you do.

    Call Beltway Movers for your next move!

    The best thing you can do to protect yourself is hire a good, reputable mover with clean trucks and warehouses. To be sure, you may want to drive by your mover’s facility to inspect the equipment and storage areas prior to booking – a good mover won’t mind this one bit. We tell all of our customers who are worried to come on by – and that they don’t have to bother to tell us when.

    Questions? If so, call Beltway Movers, we’re a moving company in Northern Virginia, today at (800) 966-8348. We look forward to working with you!

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    Our move consultant, Ben, was very friendly, informative, and kind. Ben was willing to help anyway he could to put us at ease and to explain the cost and process. Amazing and conscientious, quick and courteous, these guys finished in record time. Our next move will be with Beltway movers, no questions asked.

    - Jordan S. February 18, 2021

    From initial reservation to the long-term storage of our possessions to the final moving day we have been extremely pleased with the professionalism, courtesy and customer service we've experienced. This is why we return to Beltway each time.

    - Dwayne P October 7, 2021

    They were so quick obviously. They were very nice and helpful. And my wife specifically liked how they would talk out loud about their own safety and about protecting the walls and floors. Very amiable. Loved the experience!

    - Eric D. August 9, 2021

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