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Moving is one of the most important, but also one of the most stressful life events. If you are worried about moving from Columbia to Laurel, we are here to help! Although it’s never easy to decide where or whether or not to move at all, some people simply aren’t happy with their living situation and need more. If you are more of a small-town person, Laurel might be a better fit for you than Columbia. Beltway Movers Maryland will be your best friend when it comes to all the hard work that moving entails. Check out some more useful guidelines on organizing your relocation to Laurel properly.

Overview of Columbia and Laurel

When planning your move from Columbia to Laurel, understanding the differences between these two Maryland cities is crucial.  Columbia, situated in Howard County, is a planned community known for its visionary design. Green spaces surround it, embodying a blend of urban and suburban living. On the other hand, Laurel lies partly in Prince George’s County and partly in Anne Arundel County. This city has a rich history dating back to the early 19th century, marked by its historic Main Street and quaint, historic buildings.

woman holding baloons
Moving from Columbia to Laurel is ideal for you if you enjoy the peace and quiet small towns offer

Regarding demographics, Columbia is noted for its diverse population, hosting residents from various backgrounds. Laurel, while also diverse, has a smaller, tight-knit community feel. This difference is reflected in community events and social interactions. When considering moving companies in Maryland, it’s helpful to note these differences. Columbia’s bustling, diverse atmosphere contrasts with Laurel’s historic, community-oriented vibe. Each city offers unique living experiences, and understanding these aspects can help ensure a smooth transition to your new home in Laurel.

The cost of living comparison

If you’re considering hiring movers Columbia MD, and relocating from Columbia to Laurel, understanding the cost of living differences is vital. With this knowledge, you will be able to plan your budget and know what awaits you after the relocation. So, let’s break down these costs:

  • Housing: In Columbia, the average rent for a one-bedroom apartment is around $1,500 per month, while in Laurel, it’s slightly lower at about $1,400. Buying a home? The median home value in Columbia is approximately $380,000, compared to Laurel’s more affordable $330,000.
  • Utilities: Monthly utility costs, including electricity, water, and internet, average around $150 in Columbia. In Laurel, these costs are slightly less, averaging close to $140.
  • Transportation: For public transport users, a monthly pass in Columbia is about $80, whereas Laurel’s public transportation system offers similar passes for around $70. Gas prices in Laurel tend to be marginally lower than in Columbia, offering some savings for car owners.
  • Groceries and dining out: You’ll find grocery costs in Laurel are roughly 5-10% lower than in Columbia. Dining out also tends to be more budget-friendly in Laurel.
  • Healthcare: Average healthcare expenses in Laurel are slightly lower than in Columbia, contributing to the overall more affordable cost of living in Laurel.

Columbia vs Laurel: Job opportunities

When evaluating job opportunities in Columbia and Laurel, it’s important to consider the key industries, employment rates, average salaries, and growth sectors. This information is especially relevant for businesses considering using commercial movers in Maryland to relocate their offices. Columbia is known for its robust job market, especially in the healthcare, technology, and education sectors. The city boasts a relatively low unemployment rate of around 3.5%. The average salary in Columbia is approximately $65,000 per year, reflecting its thriving job market. Laurel, while smaller, has a growing economy with strengths in manufacturing, retail, and service industries. The unemployment rate here is slightly higher, around 4%, but the city is experiencing growth in the tech and small business sectors. The average salary in Laurel is around $60,000 per year.

Sewing patterns on hangers
Laurel has a growing job market, especially in the manufacturing and retail sector

For those seeking employment in Laurel, networking is key. Engaging with local business groups and attending community events can be valuable. Also, exploring the city’s burgeoning tech and startup scene offers exciting opportunities for professionals. Both cities present unique job prospects, with Columbia leading in higher salaries and a diverse range of industries, while Laurel offers a growing market with potential for those looking to be part of an evolving economic landscape.

Quality of education system

When moving to a new city, the quality of education is often a top priority, and this is a key reason why many families choose Laurel over Columbia. Movers Laurel MD have seen an increase in families relocating here, largely due to the area’s strong educational offerings. Laurel boasts a range of high-quality public and private schools. The public schools here are part of the Prince George’s County Public Schools system, known for its commitment to academic excellence and innovation. Many of these schools rank well for their academic programs and extracurricular activities. For those looking for private education, Laurel has several reputable options offering diverse curricula and personalized learning experiences.

A family moving from Columbia to Laurel
Many families are moving from Columbia to Laurel because of the education system 

In terms of higher education, Laurel is conveniently located near several universities and colleges, providing easy access to undergraduate and graduate programs. This proximity to higher education institutions is a significant draw for families with college-age children. Laurel also excels in providing special education resources, with specialized programs and trained professionals catering to diverse learning needs. For adults seeking further education or vocational training, the city offers numerous opportunities, including community colleges and adult learning centers. These resources make Laurel an appealing destination for families and individuals valuing lifelong learning and educational growth.

Lifestyle differences and similarities

In Columbia, you’ll find a vibrant selection of recreational activities, including numerous parks like the expansive Centennial Park, which offers a lake, walking trails, and picnic areas. The city is also known for its active clubs and a calendar full of community events, catering to a wide range of interests and age groups. Laurel, while smaller, matches this with its own charm. You can enjoy the outdoors at Laurel Park or take part in community events that foster a strong sense of belonging among residents. The city’s cultural scene, with its local museums and galleries, showcases a rich local history and a growing arts scene.

Two women on a grass field
After moving from Columbia to Laurel, you will be able to enjoy outdoor activities and parks Laurel offers

Socially, both cities offer a variety of clubs and groups, encouraging community involvement and personal development. Whether it’s a book club, sports team, or volunteer group, there’s something for everyone. The pace of life is where you’ll notice a contrast. Columbia often feels more dynamic and fast-paced, reflecting its larger population and diverse activities. Laurel, with its smaller community, offers a more relaxed and close-knit atmosphere, appealing to those who prefer a quieter daily life while still enjoying the benefits of city amenities.

Moving from Columbia to Laurel can be enjoyable – here’s how

Your Columbia to Laurel relocation doesn’t have to be a traumatic, negative experience. If you play your cards right, you will remember it with a smile on your face. With the help of local movers MD, you won’t even feel it fly by. The key to a successful Maryland relocation is to follow a few simple steps. With these tips, your move will be smooth and fuss-free. Here are our best tips:

  • Plan your Maryland move on time
  • Get moving estimates from several moving companies when you move to Laurel
  • Don’t wait until the last minute to start packing
  • Remember to do other important moving tasks

Plan your move on time

Planning your relocation is one of the essential things to do if you want to ensure everything runs smoothly. Sure, sometimes things happen that are out of our control, but try to make a plan and stick to it as much as you can in the given circumstances. You want to take into consideration the time you’ll need to pack, find movers, and finish all the details of moving to another city from Columbia. If you are booking services from moving and storage companies in Maryland, you want to start your search on time as well. Moving in a hurry is much more complex and problematic than sticking to the plan you made up to 2 months before the moving date.

woman packing clothes
Organize your time wisely before your relocation and start packing early

Get moving estimates from several Maryland moving companies

One of the best ways of ensuring you get the best deal and quality moving services Maryland when you relocate from Columbia to Laurel is to get moving estimates from several movers. Start looking for relocation services up to 8 weeks before the move. Pay attention to those companies that offer free, non-binding estimates and choose the offer that best suits your budget.

However, you need to be wary of fraudulent movers. Not all offers are honest. Checking the company’s license and registration in the FMCSA is a sure way of knowing if they’re reliable. You can also look up online moving reviews and see if the company is a scammer based on that. Most fraudulent movers only have 5-star reviews or mostly 1-star ones. As well as a moving company does business, you can never please all people 100%, so most reputable movers have 3 and 4-star reviews from happy customers. Another red flag is if all the reviews were posted on the same day, so that’s another thing to check. With this in mind, you’ll choose the best moving services for your relocation and know how to avoid scammers.

Don’t wait until the last minute to pack

Packing is a favorite moving task for a few people. It’s easy to get carried away with procrastinating and suddenly realize that moving day snuck up on you. That’s why it’s important to pack on time when moving from Columbia to Laurel. Choose the packing system that works best with your lifestyle and get down to business. A good idea is to start early by packing the rooms you don’t use frequently or some seasonal items. You should also sort out your belongings before your move to avoid cluttering your new home. See what you can donate or sell, and only toss what you have to. Remember, the fewer things you have, the sooner you’ll finish packing.

Remember other important moving details when you relocate to Laurel from Columbia

In all the haste of moving once your relocation date approaches, it’s easy to forget some detailed moving tasks that need to be completed. Things like changing your address, paying bills, and canceling magazine subscriptions. You should also notify your bank and your internet and cell phone providers about your new location, as well as remember to transfer your medical records. These things can slip your mind when you’re trying to complete packing before the movers arrive. A good way to prevent forgetting anything is to make a checklist. Put all the tasks you have on a piece of paper or in an Excel spreadsheet and tick them off as you complete each one.

a person writing a checklist
Making a checklist will be your greatest tool to ensure you don’t forget anything.

Why move to Laurel from Columbia?

Columbia is a great Maryland city that over a hundred thousand people call home. With lots of potential for career development and outdoor activities, you might wonder if you should even be moving from Columbia to Laurel. It depends. If you love a small-town vibe and a more suburban feel, then Laurel’s life will be up your alley. Home to only around 18,000 people, the city of Laurel is a place with many perks. Although the cost of living is slightly above the national average, the median income is over 60% higher than the national average, too. The schools in this city are pretty good, so if you are moving with kids, you have nothing to worry about. Moving to Laurel is a decision you won’t regret!

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