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    Boxes, beds, tables and dressers. Everything in the house has got to go, and we are here for you. But what if you have something a little bit different; what we would call a “specialty item”? Some items need some extra care from a 3rd party/specialty company. Why? Because some items aren’t within a moving company’s liability policy, or require non-standard equipment to move. We not only want to ensure the safety of our crew, we want what’s best for each of our customer’s belongings.

    Now here’s the deal, if you have items that we CANNOT move, don’t panic! We have several 3rd party companies we’d be happy to set you up with to make your move as seamless as possible.

    Today we’re going to walk you through what can and cannot be moved by general movers in Alexandria VA, Washington DC, and throughout the DMV area.


    Beltway Movers will move all of the styles of beds listed below. Having said that, some are easier to move than others!

    Tempur-Pedic and Platforms beds: We can easily move these two types of beds; however, they’re heavier than the average bed, so they will take more manpower / time to move.

    Sleep Number beds: Once again, they’re easy to move, but take a bit of time to disassemble. Sleep Number beds are made of chambers, so the air needs to be released from them. From there the capsules either need to be shrink-wrapped together or stacked like legos.

    Hospital beds: Very easy to move! We pretty much unplug them, then fold them up and go.

    Exercise Equipment

    Treadmills: It depends on the type of treadmill. If it’s simple – doesn’t have all of the bells and whistles (i.e. tv, electronic components, etc.) – we just fold it up and move it. But if there are electronic accessories involved (more than just unplugging the machine) you’ll need to hire a fitness equipment specialist to remove the electric items, i.e. tvs. Also keep in mind that the treadmill needs to be able to fit through the door to be moved out of your home, and some treadmills have arms that stick out.

    Bikes/Elliptical: The same goes for bikes and ellipticals – if they can just be unplugged and moved, it’s no problem. But if electrical items need to be removed and disassembled a fitness equipment specialist will need to complete that portion of the job. Keep in mind, the bikes and ellipticals need to be able to fit through the door to be moved out of your home.

    Hot Tubs

    We do not move hot tubs. The reason being they’re too heavy to be moved without breaking, and if not drained properly will leak all over other items in the truck.

    Pool Tables

    We do not move pool tables. There are professional pool table moving companies that are able to disassemble your pool table, i.e. felt, slate, etc. and then reassemble it in your new home.

    Pianos and Keyboards

    We will move your pianos and keyboards for you barring there aren’t any electric items that need to be disassembled. One thing you should keep in mind is that we charge by the hour, and might need a 4th mover to assist. It typically takes us 45 minutes to one hour to disassemble, move, and reassemble a piano in its new location.

    Wall Units / Entertainment Centers

    Before moving an entertainment center we will need details! Some entertainment centers are small, while others are large and comprised of many moving parts. Based on the details, we will disassemble and reassemble the wall units / entertainment centers as part of the move.


    1. Our movers are not insured to touch drywall, as a result they will not hang televisions, or other hanging items for you.
    2. We’re not liable for electronic items. We will not take apart electric items and are not responsible if they don’t work post move, except of course if we were to drop an item!
    3. For a few items, we noted they would take longer to move than others. This means, since we charge at an hourly rate, the cost of moving these items will be higher.

    Do you have questions on your specialty items? If so, call Beltway Movers, we’re a moving company in Northern Virginia, today at (800) 966-8348. We look forward to working with you!

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    …I was very pleased with the crew from Beltway Movers and how friendly and professional they were. They were on time right from the start and worked very hard to get the job done in a timely manner. The crew leader, Davis, was exceptional in assessing the move situation and packing the truck to make everything fit. Movers, Ed and Damion, were both hardworking and efficient. I would definitely recommend this crew to friends.

    - Jennifer A. March 10, 2021

    Bill was excellent in both estimating and explaining the move, which entailed working with multiple people and delivery points. Follow up from the office was very professional, questions and concerns were answered promptly, and paperwork was thorough and easy to understand. Beltway is clearly a team operation, and a winning one at that. I would absolutely use Beltway again, and especially commend Caesar, Rene, and crew. I chose Beltway based on the promises made, and from start to finish, they did everything they said they would, and more. The team clearly understands the moving process from both a psychological and logistical standpoint

    - Larry O. March 16, 2021

    Our move consultant, Ben, was very friendly, informative, and kind. Ben was willing to help anyway he could to put us at ease and to explain the cost and process. Amazing and conscientious, quick and courteous, these guys finished in record time. Our next move will be with Beltway movers, no questions asked.

    - Jordan S. February 18, 2021

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