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Columbia, MD, known for its pet friendly atmosphere, offers a warm welcome to both you and your furry friends. As you settle in, discovering places where your pets can play, relax, and receive care becomes essential. This guide covers a range of pet friendly places and services in Columbia MD, from parks to eateries, ensuring your transition is smooth and enjoyable. Whether you’re working with moving companies DMV, or just exploring new spots in the city, this guide aims to make your move with pets a positive experience. Let’s explore the best Columbia has to offer for pet lovers.

Pet friendly parks and outdoor spaces in Columbia

Columbia, MD, welcomes pet owners with a variety of beautiful parks and trails, perfect for you and your pets to explore together. When planning your move with movers Columbia MD, knowing these pet friendly spots can make the transition smoother for your furry companions. One of the most popular destinations is Columbia Dog Park. This well-maintained park offers distinct areas for small and large dogs, ensuring a safe play environment. With benches and water stations, it’s designed for both pet comfort and owner convenience.

A woman and the dog running in the park representing pet friendly places and services in Columbia MD
There are many pet friendly places and services in Columbia MD, and Lake Elkhorn Park is certainly one of them

Lake Elkhorn Park is another fantastic spot. Its picturesque trails around a stunning lake are ideal for relaxed walks with your dog. The paths are pet friendly, but keeping dogs on leashes ensures everyone’s safety and enjoyment. Centennial Park is a must-visit, especially for more active pets. Its expansive network of trails provides ample space for longer walks or runs. The park surrounds a beautiful lake, offering breathtaking views as you and your pet get some exercise. Finally, for those who prefer a more natural setting, the Robinson Nature Center features pet friendly trails through diverse landscapes, from woodlands to streams. While enjoying these trails, remember to respect wildlife and keep dogs on leashes.

Pet friendly restaurants and cafés

If you’re coordinating with moving companies in Maryland to relocate to Columbia, you’ll be pleased to know that there is an array of pet friendly dining options. One such gem is Iron Bridge Wine Company. Known for its exquisite wine selection and charming ambiance, this spot welcomes pets in its outdoor seating area. They provide water bowls to ensure your pet stays hydrated while you dine. Another favorite is Seasons 52. This fresh grill and wine bar has a spacious outdoor patio where pets are welcome. They offer a seasonal menu with a variety of options for every palate.

A woman holding a dog in the restaurant
Rest assured that in Columbia, you and your pet will be able to enjoy restaurants together

Touche Touchet Bakery and Pastry Shoppe is a place for those who enjoy a more laid-back atmosphere and sweets. For those with a sweet tooth, this bakery has outdoor tables where pets are welcome. They’re famous for their pastries and often have dog-friendly treats available. Lastly, Peter Chang is a unique spot for those pet-owners who enjoy Chinese food. It not only welcomes pets but also features a pet-friendly zone.

Pet daycare and boarding facilities

Finding pet friendly accommodation is a crucial step when moving with your furry friends. For those working with residential movers Maryland, you’ll be glad to know that there are several comfortable options in the area where your pets are warmly welcomed. Club Pooch is a standout option for dog owners. This facility offers both daycare and overnight boarding services, ensuring that your dog is given individual attention and plenty of playtime. They have climate-controlled private villas for overnight stays, ensuring your pet’s comfort. Additionally, they offer training programs and professional grooming services. The staff is trained in dog behavior and pet first aid, providing peace of mind that your pet is in safe hands.

Two dogs
When you decide to travel, you will be able to leave your pet safely in one of the pet daycare facilities

Wagging Lounge Dog Resort is another great choice, especially for those seeking more luxurious accommodations for their furry friend. They provide comfortable suites for overnight stays, with the option to upgrade to a private luxury villa. These villas are designed to accommodate even the pickiest of pooches, complete with decor, furnishings, and a monitor for watching dog-friendly movies. They also offer a range of additional services, such as outdoor walks, cuddle time, and engaging activities like puzzles and enrichment games. Both of these facilities provide safe, fun, and comfortable environments for your pet, whether you need daycare services or longer-term boarding options.

Pet grooming and spa services

In Columbia, pet owners who have used moving services Maryland to relocate here will find a variety of grooming and spa services for their furry friends. One popular option is Woofie’s Pet Care, a mobile grooming service offering a range of treatments, including brushing, anal gland expression, flea and tick treatments, deskunking, and more. They also provide luxury spa treatments like paw pad treatments, ear cleaning, shea butter conditioning sprays, and blueberry facials. This mobile service brings the convenience of quality grooming right to your doorstep, making it an excellent choice for busy pet owners in Columbia.

A woman grooming a dog in one of the pet friendly places and services in Columbia MD
Visit pet friendly places and services in Columbia MD where you can groom your pets

In addition to Woofie’s Pet Care, Columbia is home to several other top-notch pet grooming and spa facilities. For example, PetSmart Grooming in Columbia offers a wide range of services, including haircuts, nail trimming, and skin care treatments. They are known for their professional staff and comprehensive pet care. Also, some local pet salons provide luxurious experiences like aromatherapy baths and massages, perfect for pets that enjoy a bit of pampering. There are also specialized treatments available for different coat types, ensuring that every pet’s unique grooming needs are met. These salons often use high-quality, pet-safe products for their services, focusing on both beauty and wellness.

Veterinary clinics and animal hospitals

Columbia, MD, is home to several reputable veterinary clinics and animal hospitals, providing comprehensive and specialized care for pets. These facilities are known for their quality services, ranging from routine check-ups to emergency care. One standout, recommended by local movers MD, is the Columbia Animal Hospital, renowned for its compassionate and skilled staff. They offer a wide range of services, including vaccinations, dental care, and surgery. Their preventive care programs are particularly noted for keeping pets healthy. For pet owners seeking specialized care, Hickory Ridge Animal Hospital in Columbia is a top choice. They are known for their advanced diagnostic services, including digital radiography and ultrasound, along with specialized surgical procedures.

In cases of emergency, Pet+E.R. Columbia offers 24-hour emergency services. Their facility is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and staffed by experienced veterinarians and nurses, ready to handle any urgent pet health crisis. Another highly regarded clinic is VCA Columbia Animal Hospital at Centre Park. They provide a full spectrum of services, from wellness exams to complex surgical procedures. In summary, Columbia’s veterinary clinics and animal hospitals, like Columbia Animal Hospital, Hickory Ridge Animal Hospital, Pet+E.R., and VCA Columbia Animal Hospital, offer a range of services from routine care to specialized and emergency treatments, ensuring that pets receive the best possible care.

Pet stores and supplies in Columbia

The local pet retail scene includes both big-name chains and unique independent shops catering to the varied needs of pet owners. Those using interstate moving companies Maryland will be glad to hear that PetSmart, a well-known national chain, has a location in Columbia. It’s a one-stop shop for pet essentials, offering a wide array of food, toys, bedding, and grooming products for different types of pets. They also provide services like grooming and pet training. For those seeking more specialized items, My Pet Store and More, located at 6925 Oakland Mills Rd Suite R., offers an extensive range of products for various pet needs, including items for dogs, cats, fish, birds, and reptiles. Their inventory includes food, grooming products, health care items, toys, and much more.

Puppies with treats
There are many places in Columbia where you will be able to buy quality food for your pet

Additionally, Petco in Long Reach, MD, is another large chain that offers a broad range of pet products and services. They cater to a variety of pets, including dogs, cats, fish, and small animals, providing everything from basic supplies to more specialized items​. For those looking for a more specialized and family-owned experience, Today’s Pet Inc. in Elkridge, MD, serves the Columbia area with a focus on quality pets and pet supplies. They have been in business since 1996 and offer a range of products for dogs, cats, birds, and aquatic pets, along with special deals and featured products.

Tips for moving to Columbia with pets

Moving to Columbia with pets requires careful planning and preparation to ensure a smooth transition for both you and your animal companions. Here are some tips to make the move easier:

  • Update pet identification: Before moving, make sure your pet’s ID tags and microchip information are updated with your new address and contact details. This is crucial in case your pet gets lost during the move.
  • Visit the vet: Schedule a visit to your current vet. Ensure all vaccinations are up to date. Also obtain a copy of your pet’s medical records to bring to your new vet in Columbia. It’s also a good time to discuss any concerns about how the move might affect your pet.
  • Pet-proof your new home: Before letting your pet explore their new environment, ensure it’s safe. Check for any potential hazards, such as toxic plants, unsecured windows, or small spaces where pets could get stuck.
  • Maintain routine: Pets thrive on routine. Try to keep their feeding, walking, and playtimes as consistent as possible during the move to help them adjust.
  • Gradual introduction: Once in Columbia, introduce your pet to the new home gradually. Start with one room and gradually increase their access to other areas of the house as they become more comfortable.
  • Explore together: Help your pet acclimate to Columbia by exploring your new neighborhood together. Find local parks and walking trails where you can spend time outdoors.

There are many pet friendly places and services in Columbia MD

Columbia, MD, truly stands out as a pet friendly city, offering a vast array of services and spaces that cater to the needs of pet owners. From the scenic parks and trails ideal for outdoor adventures to the welcoming restaurants and cafés where you can dine alongside your furry friend, the city ensures a pet friendly experience in every aspect. Additionally, with top-notch veterinary care, grooming services, and training centers, Columbia provides comprehensive support for your pet’s health and well-being. This city not only welcomes pets but embraces them as an integral part of the community, making it an ideal place for pet owners to call home. If you are thinking about relocating here with your pet, rest assured that you will certainly enjoy it, as there are many pet friendly places and services in Columbia MD.

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