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We understand that planning a move is daunting, so we want to make sure the entire move process is as seamless as possible. We’ve created a checklist to help you prepare for your move. It will help to keep you organized and, more importantly, it will give you peace of mind when move day is quickly approaching and you’re not sure what to do next! We encourage you to print out this blog post and use it as a checklist during the move process.

Get Started– It’s All about Schedules

  • Get written estimates.
  • Schedule your packing (if you’re not doing it yourself), storage, and move.
  • Start a folder to store information about your move.
  • Start packing! It will take you 30 minutes a box and 5-10 boxes a room.
  • Schedule elevator and loading dock, if needed.
  • Reserve parking for the truck at both locations (about 3 car lengths on the street). Get parking permits if needed.
  • Arrange for child and pet care for move day.
  • Notify utility companies of the cut-off date and the date you want services resumed in your new residence.
    • Telephone
    • Cable
    • Gas/Electric/ Water
    • Garbage
    • Security Service
  • Schedule professional disconnection and preparation of appliances.
  • Schedule pick up date for junk removal.
  • Schedule post move cleaning crew for your old residence.

Get Ready

  • Shop for new furniture. Arrange to have it delivered to your new home the day before or after your move.
  • Take pictures of your home, your collections, and your furnishings for insurance purposes, sales ads, and for reference when putting everything back together at your new home.
  • Contact your insurance agent and ask if your homeowner’s policy will cover your furnishings while being moved. Learn more about liability coverage and insurance tips from a Beltway representative
  • If you are moving any valuable antiques arrange to have them appraised for move liability purposes.
  • De–clutter at least one hour a day until finished. Start cleaning out those closets!
  • Send change of address card or notify friends and businesses electronically: gas or oil, electric, telephone, water, cable and internet providers, lawn service, trash removal, and security service
  • The stuff really must go! Finalize charity pick-ups, junk removal, and donations to friends and relatives.
  • Transfer, pick up, or return: Prescriptions, dry cleaning, library books and movie rentals, and contents of safety deposit box.
  • Collect or transfer records for doctors, dentists, optometrist, veterinarians, lawyers, accountants, insurance carrier, banking institutions & investment companies, grocery store savings cards, automobile maintenance, and safety deposit boxes.
  • Minimize grocery purchases; especially perishables.
  • If disassembly is required of outdoor items, start applying penetrating oil daily to rusty fittings.
  • Stop watering plants so soil will be dry on move day.
  • Set aside cleaning supplies.
  • Set aside flammables that cannot go into moving trucks.
  • Drain power equipment and hoses – Determine if they are needed at new residence or need to be sold or given away.
  • Didn’t get packing done? Call Beltway for boxes and help.

Day Before the Move

  • Expect a call from Beltway’s operation department to go over details of the move and what might have changed since the original estimate.
  • Confirm parking, elevator and loading dock reservations.
  • Confirm travel arrangements and care of children, seniors, and pets.
  • Start packing your personal move box of essentials.
  • Nothing should be in your home that is not being taken to your new residence or storage. If things remain make sure they are clearly labeled “DO NOT MOVE.”
  • Ensure that boxes are clearly labeled on 4 sides with description and room designation.
  • Obtain funds you need for paying moving company, lunch, and last minute cash purchases.
  • Pack some snacks for yourself for move day.
  • Get to know your furniture again. Check furniture for dents and scratches.

Day of Move

  • All loose items need to be in labeled boxes.
  • Boxes are labeled with contents and room designation on all 4 sides.
  • All electronics are unplugged from power sources.
  • Contents removed from appliances.
  • Items removed from tops of furniture.
  • Linens removed from beds.
  • Closets, attics, basements and sheds have been packed or prepped for the movers.
  • Ensure there is a clear path from the truck to the house and through the house for movers to be able to maneuver.
  • Take a last look around. Is everything shut, locked, and turned off?
  • Cleaning supplies have been left behind for cleaning service.
  • Walk through the home with your mover. Look in the closets and behind doors.
  • Confirm that all boxes will be discarded.
  • Complete survey rating consultant, moving crew, and company

Tip: We’d recommend checking out moving apps on your smart phones. There are many free apps that will help you to organize your move and making the moving process easier.

Are you planning a move this summer? If so, call Beltway Movers today at (877) 959-7727. We look forward to moving with you!

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The staff was very helpful and quick to respond when the mover we signed a contract with failed to show up on move day. We have a large house with lots of nice furniture, glass cabinets, etc... Our crew was incredibly skilled and they managed to move our house without damage to our belongings or the properties. The crew was very professional, friendly, and fast on both ends of the move. I would use them because the same crew that loads your truck also unloads your truck and the furniture doesn't get handled an extra time switching freight carriers. I'm a very satisfied customer.

- Chris J. May 18, 2021

The team was fantastic. Brian and Troy were phenomenal. I went back to Beltway Movers because of the excellent service Brian and his then crew provided back in July 2020. I cannot say enough positive things about them.

- David I. June 22, 2021

Al and his crew were friendly and personable, treated our things with care, and were FAST! The move was reasonably priced. Thanks for the great service, would definitely use Beltway again.

- Erin c. May 14, 2021

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