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Deciding to move to a new place can sometimes be a challenge. This especially becomes evident when you just want a new fresh start but are unsure which city will give you the boost you need. That is why listening to what experienced movers have to say might be of help to you. Maybe you are wondering whether moving to DC is the right thing for you. We get it, moving to such a big city can sound utterly terrifying. However, experts at Beltway Movers have prepared the top 5 reasons for moving to DC. Hopefully, they can convince you that moving to DC is the right move for you!

Before we list the top 5 reasons for moving to DC, here is some basic info about Washington DC. Washington DC is the capital city and federal district of the United States. Washington’s metropolitan area, the country’s sixth largest, has an estimated population of 6.5 million residents. The city is visited by around a million visitors each year. It is one of the busiest and most culturally important cities in the US. So, what are the reasons for moving to DC?

Reasons for moving to DC
The reasons for moving to DC are plenty!

1. Historical and cultural importance

We’ve mentioned previously that Washington DC is one of the most culturally and historically significant cities in the US. Local movers DC can absolutely confirm this, since they know every inch and corner of the place. There are quite a few historically important monuments such as:

  • The Lincoln Memorial
  • The United States Capitol and Capitol Hill
  • The White House
  • Washington National Cathedral

Besides these must-see historically important monuments, there are quite a few museums that highlight different aspects of human knowledge. Additionally, some of them are free, such as:

  • The National Gallery of Art
  • The National Museum of African American History and Culture
  • The Air and Space Museum
  • The National Museum of American History

Take this opportunity and learn about the marvelous history of this city and the whole country. We recommend to just grab a map and explore the city on your own. Although history and sciences are important people in Washington don’t neglect art. There are numerous exhibitions all year round and you can enjoy different cultural endeavors such as the theatre.

2. Huge amount of greenery

This might be a shock to some people, but Washington DC is full of greenery and different parks you can visit. After residential movers Washington DC drop you off at your new place, we recommend grabbing a bike and exploring the city on your own. You can walk your dog, go for a run, have a picnic, or do outside yoga and enjoy nature. Around every monument and memorial, there is at least a tiny patch of grass. In conclusion, bring lots of water with you and be sure to put on sunscreen!

DC nature in spring is one fo the reasons for moving to DC
Although DC is quite an urban area, they still cherish nature and try to preserve a lot of it. That is why there are quite a few parks located all over the city.

3. The amazing education

Washington DC has some of the best education the US has to offer. We have previously mentioned all of the museums you can visit, some even for free. There are quite a few amazing primary schools, as well as high schools. Additionally, there are some international schools that are worldwide famous. Not to mention Howard University, Georgetown University, George Washington University, and many more! If your reasons for moving to DC are tied to education, you are in luck! Washington DC has many opportunities in that aspect.

4. DC’s job market is booming

Might sound surreal, but it is true. While the unemployment rate is still above the national average, there are some great opportunities in DC. Government and politics may be the first areas that come to mind, however, do not limit yourself! Even though there are plenty of jobs in these areas, there are plenty of other industries you can get involved with. A few others include defense contracting, tourism, healthcare, media and communications, technology, and more.

5. There are a lot of fun things to do!

Washington DC is a large city with many opportunities. When you move to DC, you will most likely be overwhelmed. Not only is DC such a big town, so you will feel a bit small, but there are also a million activities you can do here. Moving companies DC area know their way around the whole DC and they say this is one of the biggest reasons for moving to DC. Some of those activities include:

  • Outdoor movie nights
  • Visiting tourist attractions
  • Paddling a boat
  • Going to theatre/cinema /art galleries and more
  • Visiting rooftop bars or parties
  • Going to festivals, parades, and fairs
  • Going to museums and more!

There is quite a number of things to do when you move to DC, you just cannot get bored easily. You can live here a few years and still not do everything there is. Not to mention all the interesting cafes and clubs that are privately owned, as well as different privately owned activities.

colorful houses
You will never get bored in DC!

Summarizing the most important reasons for moving to DC

Washington DC is an amazing city with many great opportunities. You will find yourself charmed by its beauty, history, and inclusivity. There is always something new and exciting happening here. There are quite a few reasons for moving to DC, and not many against. At the end of the day, the final decision is yours and no one can change that. It’s important to look at what suits you and your needs the best and whether you will get that by moving here. With DC being such a large town, we are sure you will find what you are looking for here.


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