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Finding top places for seniors in Maryland can be fun and easy. You should spend your retirement exploring the world, enjoying and doing everything you love. We know that moving isn’t easy but with reliable movers in Maryland, you can move quickly and stress-free. Reliable movers can help you with every step of your relocation and they can make everything much more straightforward. Change is good, and a new home and town will make everything much more interesting. Now, you will finally have time for all those things that you always planned once you retire.

One of the top places for seniors in Maryland – Laurel

Laurel is a nice city for senior people. This is a quiet place. A suburb of Washington D.C has a population of around 25,000 people. A lot of young professionals and seniors are moving to Laurel, it is no wonder that movers Laurel MD are quite busy. What is interesting about Laurel is that it is in Prince George’s County. And as such, it is home to the first public library, national bank, and public high school. Laurel is overall safe for seniors and has a lot of parks, so it is no wonder it is first on the list of the best places for seniors in Maryland. Everything is happening at a much slower pace with the urban-suburban mix. Moving here in your retirement is a good choice, and it can help you feel freer.

senior running in the park
There are a lot of parks in Laurel, so you can stay active.

Cumberland is a great place for seniors

Cumberland is a charming town in Western Maryland with a lot of history. The best thing about Cumberland is its good quality of life at an affordable price. It has around 20,000 residents, and more than 20% are over 65 years old. And it is very well adjusted for seniors, so it is no wonder that it is one of the best places for seniors in Maryland. It offers you great scenery everywhere, so taking a walk will truly be breathtaking. Besides that, there are art museums and wineries. The crime rate is low, so you will safe in Cumberland. And you will easily find residential movers Maryland that can help you relocate here. With the help of professionals, your relocation to Cumberland will be easy and stress-free.

Bel Air is also at the top of the places for seniors in Maryland

One of the main reasons why Bel Air is considered a top place for seniors in Maryland is medical centers. There are 11,33 medical centers per 1000 residents. And when you consider the fact that most population in Bel Air are seniors – that is just a reason more to move here with the help of Beltway Movers Maryland. It also has a high number of recreation centers and if you always wanted to move to a retirement community – this is the place for you.

Baltimore is also one of the top places for seniors in Maryland

Although Baltimore is rather a big city with more than half a million residents it is very senior-friendly. In Baltimore, you will find The Baltimore City Health Department’s Division of Aging. They are dedicated to improving the lives of senior citizens. And here you can find all sorts of things that will make life easier for senior people. With help of the movers Baltimore MD you can move here with ease and you can start exploring all the interesting things that Baltimore has to offer. National Aquarium, Walters Art Museum, pubs with craft beer, etc.

Baltimore on the river
Baltimore is one of the top places for seniors in Maryland.

Hagerstown is a great place for seniors in Maryland

More than 10% of the population in Hagerstown are seniors. This is an ideal place if you want to stay active and engaged in different activities. You can easily find all the moving services Maryland that you need and you won’t have to lift a finger. You can let professionals handle your relocation while you go out and explore this thriving place. Hagerstown is an exciting urban hun with a lot of museums and historical societies, so if you love history you will easily connect with people that are similar to you. It is easy to stay active and healthy in Hagerstown because of its great surroundings and great hospitals.

Salisbury is a calm place for seniors

This lovely place is affordable. And for an affordable price, you can get great waterfront living. And with Salisbury Seniors Alliance you can be active in your community and change things. You can change your life for the better, as well as for all your friends. Outdoor spaces and buildings, social participation, communication, and information are just some of the things that Salisbury Seniors Alliance advocates for. There are a couple of parks, so you can easily stay active. And if you like art – Salisbury University Art Gallery is an easy way to connect with the local art scene. And with the help of the long distance moving companies Maryland your relocation will also be stress-free and easy. Just make sure to schedule it on time.

seniors talking about Top places for seniors in Maryland
With Salisbury Seniors Alliance you will be able to express your voice.

Chevy Chase is one of the top places for seniors in Maryland

Seniors that choose to move to Chevy Chase can expect a lot of medical centers and a lot of recreation centers. Although there is not a large number of senior communities, in recent years that is changing.  There is more than 40% of seniors live in Chevy Chase. Most residents in Chevy Chase live in their own homes, and here you will find a lot of restaurants and bars. It is one of the best places in Maryland for seniors, and you will find something new and interesting every day here.

Ocean City is one of the best places for seniors

Ocean City is a resort town. A lot of senior people say that it is a perfect retirement community. Here you can take a walk alongside the beach, and enjoy the Atlantic Ocean. How popular it is among the seniors is best seen by the high percentage – more than 30% of residents are seniors. There are a lot of recreation centers. The downside is the medical centers that are limited, but the plus side is the fact that Ocean City has the lowest tax. Ocean City is a safe town with a friendly vibe, so you will find local movers MD with ease. And once you are fully settled – you can go and explore this unique and lovely place.

seniors talking about Top places for seniors in Maryland
Ocean City is a great place for seniors and you can enjoy different activities throughout the year.

Rockville is a great place for seniors in Maryland

You should know that Rockville is near Virginia and Washington. A lot of people choose to retire here and they love this charming place. Here you will find Rock Creek Trail if you love outdoor activities. Also Rock Creek Regional Park and Lake Needwood. There are enough medical centers and recreation centers for seniors. You will also easily find a reliable moving company Rockville MD to help you reach this lovely place. The downside of this place is the high tax, but Main Rockville Town Square is a beautiful and picturesque place that has a seasonal ice-skating rink. Rockville is a great place in Maryland for seniors. 

Elkton is great for seniors

If you always dreamed of living near the water then Elkton is the perfect place for your retirement. It is a great place if you are active and you want to stay healthy. There are a lot of outdoor activities that will help you to learn more about Elkton. This is a rather safe town. It has more than 10% of seniors, and you will easily find someone to enjoy great outdoor activities here. It is an affordable place, so you will have more money for the relocation itself. When you consider all the basic moving costs this will help you a lot. Elkton is a great place for retirees in Maryland.


If you want to reconnect with nature – this is an ideal place for you. If you always dreamed that you will spend your retirement enjoying nature and exploring all the outdoor activities – Aberdeen is for you. There are a lot of parks, and you will be amazed by the cascading waterfalls in Susquehanna State Park. This is a small peaceful and safe place for seniors who are looking to spend their retirement enjoying nature. Aberdeen gives you a dense suburban feeling, but people are very warm and friendly.

senior exercising
Aberdeen is great if you want to stay active in your retirement.


If you are tired of the crowd, but you still want to stay near Washington D.C – this is the place for you. It is a safe city that is just becoming popular with retirees. You will live in a private, safe, and peaceful suburb but you will still have easy access to Washington. A lot of people that live here will tell you that this is a national historic landmark. It is a planned community. It has a lot of walkways, underpasses, and a system of inner courtyards. An interesting fact – here was one of the first mall-type shopping centers in the US. Exploring Greenbelt will be fun and exciting and it is no wonder it is one of the top places for seniors in Maryland.


If you love to have an active life and you love to spend your time outside – Westminister is the place for you. There are a lot of seniors that live here – more than 15%. It is a rather safe place, with good medical centers. There are a lot of parks and you can take a walk in the Westminister’s winery scene. Also, there are a lot of restaurants across the city so you will easily find your new favorite spot. Also, Denver is nearby, so you will always have an access to a busy city if you need a change of pace. Westminister is one of the best places for seniors in Maryland and a lot of people are moving here- not just seniors. And as you can see – there are a lot of reasons to move to Maryland. So – start looking for your new home here and enjoy your retirement.

Annapolis is a great place for retirees in Maryland

Annapolis is the capital of Maryland. What attracts the retirees is the great view of Chesapeake Bay. The city’s historic district is also charming with 18th – century brick houses and Maryland State House. Chesapeake can also offer great medical centers, so you won’t have to worry about that. It is home to United States Naval Academy as well.  The best way to describe Annapolis is as a place where centuries-old architecture meets the 21st century. This city is convenient, charming, and has an urban feeling.

Pikesville – popular place in Maryland among seniors

Pikesville is a suburb of Baltimore and has a population of 32,000. A lot of residents are seniors, so you will easily find someone that you can spend your time with. Since Pikesville has a lot of coffee shops and parks – you will be able to explore this lovely town. And with an urban-suburban feeling, it will make your retirement fun and relaxing. There are not a lot of recreation centers, but there are two large golf courses. So, if you always wanted to try but never had time – now is the right time. The Woodholme Golf Course and The Suburban Club are at your disposal, so make sure to get those shoes and equipment and enjoy your retirement.

seniors playing golf
Pikesville will give you an opportunity to enjoy golfing.

Silver Spring – an ideal place in Maryland for active seniors

Last on this list, but still one of the top places for seniors in Maryland is Silver Springs. Although taxes are high and there are not a lot of seniors – there are a lot of retirement communities. Also, medical centers are in high numbers. Silver Spring is ideal for active seniors. A lot of festivals and events during the whole year will surely keep you busy. The most famous ones are the Silverdocs documentary film festival and Silver Spring Jazz Festival. Seniors love to live here, and they love everything that Silver Spring has to offer!





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