10 best cities to live in Virginia

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Moving to Virginia means you’ll get to choose to live in one of its fantastic cities. And VA truly has some of the best places in the country to live. Because moving can be exhausting, both physically and mentally, you’ll need reliable movers by your side to ease some of the stress. Hiring one of the finest moving companies in Virginia will provide you with the benefit of having a harmonious relocation. You’ll be able to focus on choosing among the best cities to live in Virginia. If you don’t have an idea what the ideal city would be for you, don’t worry. We have compiled a list of the 10 top places in Virginia where anyone would love to live. 

Here are the 10 best cities to live in Virginia

If you don’t know what cities in Virginia would suit your lifestyle best, we are here to help you decide. Moving from Maryland to Virginia is less stressful when you know you are moving to a good city. Virginia offers plenty of excellent options with low cost of living, excellent education, thriving job markets, and low-crime rates.

river in the forest
Virginia is packed with beautiful nature and great cities to live in.

Depending on your needs and preferences, here are the 10 top choices when you choose where to move in Virginia:

  • Alexandria
  • Arlington
  • Falls Church
  • Vienna
  • Centreville
  • Virginia Beach
  • Richmond
  • Charlottesville
  • Bridgewater
  • Lexington

1. Alexandria

Being one of the fastest-growing cities in the country, it’s clear that Alexandria has an appeal of its own. With a population of 158,309 residents, the city is so popular for a good reason. Not only does it offer impressive education options with some of the finest elementary and high schools in the state, but it’s also very family-friendly despite its size. The proximity to Washington DC is one of the main reasons behind the popularity of Alexandria. People move here with residential movers Virginia offers due to a short commute time to Washington DC which is only seven miles away. Even if you don’t have a job, and are moving to Virginia in the hopes of finding employment, the odds are on your side. Alexandria is home to several high-tech corporations which provide a lot of jobs every year.

Alexandria has some of the best schools for your children.

The only downside of Alexandria is the cost of living which is slightly above the state and national average. Because of its increasing popularity and growing population, the increase in the cost of living is no shock. Home prices are also more expensive than average. But, the low crime rates and low unemployment rates, along with good schools and colleges for your children are worth the price.

2. Arlington

Rated as one of the top 3 cities to live in America, Arlington is surely one of the best places to move to in Virginia. The vicinity of DC is one of the reasons why Arlington is so in demand, but not the most important one. The city offers plenty of excellent employment opportunities, and you don’t have to go far to find your dream job. Most residents work for the US Government and the Army, but there are numerous small businesses. The city also has an excellent support system for small businesses, which is great for young entrepreneurs starting their careers. The unemployment rate in Arlington is 3,7% which is below the national average of 4,9%. So, moving here with the movers Arlington VA has to offer is definitely a decision you won’t regret.

Besides the fantastic employment options, Arlington is a charming place that has a population of 220,000. Its residents have numerous parks to enjoy all sorts of outdoor activities. If you’re not a fan of the outdoors, that’s alright, because Arlington has plenty of other entertainment options for everyone. Whether you like visiting art galleries, historical sights, sports bars, or concerts, you will find everything and more. There’s a reason why Arlington is ranked as the best city to live in in Virginia.

3. Falls Church

Another great option to consider when you move to Virginia is Falls Church. With a population of 13,000, Falls Church is ideal for those who love a small-town, homey feel. Whether you’re looking for employment in the city or you want to commute to Washington DC, you won’t be disappointed. Falls Church is a place with virtually non-existent crime rates, making it ideal for families. It also has an unemployment rate of only 2,7% which is decreasing even. Moving here with the movers DMV has to offer is a great choice if you are looking for a quiet, family-friendly place. Falls Church has 12 parks for you to enjoy with your children and top-notch small schools for the kids. Small schools may sound unappealing to you, but they have many benefits. The student-to-teacher ratio is great, and the public schools in this city spend more money per student than the national average.

4. Vienna

The number 1 best place to live in Virginia for 2022 is definitely Vienna. Moving to Vienna VA will provide you with many advantages. If you’re a fan of calm, yet interesting places, this is the place to move to with local movers Virginia has at its disposal. Home to just above 16,000 people, Vienna ranks as the best place to live in the state and one of the top 5 cities in the USA year after year. The reason is the low unemployment rate which tells us that the job market is thriving, and the six-figure median income which tells us that the jobs Vienna offers are fantastic.

business woman
Finding a great job in Vienna is easy.

Don’t let its small size fool you, Vienna has fun events for everyone year-round. Seasonal events are one of the things that Vienna stands out for, making it ideal for those family activities you’ll make a tradition and remember fondly with your partner when you’re older. And the food scene is not too shabby either. You’ll find excellent restaurants for when you’re feeling fancy and want a nice dinner out with your significant other (or by yourself), and delicious street food when you’re in a hurry or in the mood for something quick and easy on the go. Vienna’s shopping mall is among the largest in Virginia and one of the biggest in the country, making it perfect for all those shopaholics who like roaming around malls for hours on end, having the time of their lives.

5. Centreville

Centreville is a small city in Virginia that has lots to offer, which is why it’s so popular. One of the main reasons for its popularity is the employment options. The unemployment rate is significantly below the national average, and the median income is slightly above $105,000. Even if you’re unemployed, there are great options for you. The city offers courses to learn new or practice existing skills to facilitate finding future employment. To risk being repetitive, Centreville also has some world-class schools for your children. The city is proud to have 94.5% high school graduates and over 55% college or higher education graduates, which speaks volumes about the education quality Centreville offers. Your children will have the chance to attend some of the best schools in the country.

Centreville also ranks second in terms of quality healthcare. The medical institutions in the city are some of the very best in the state and are run by experienced hospital personnel. If you love healthy living, consider moving to Centreville with Northern Virginia movers. The city makes healthy living its priority which minimizes health risks and medical conditions caused by the modern way of life.

6. Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach is a larger city, but don’t let its size fool you. It’s on our list of one of the best cities to live in Virginia for a reason. Home to 459,000 people, Virginia Beach is very safe and has exceptionally low crime rates compared to other cities similar in size. It’s also not overcrowded and you get all the perks of living in a big city with a small-town, cozy feel. The sandy beaches and the oceanfront homes are what make this city one of the best places for families both in the state and the nation. With an average income higher than the national average and the cost of living just below the US average, you’ll be able to live comfortably in this beautiful city and explore its charms after you move here with the long distance movers  Virginia offers.

Virginia Beach is also home to some of the best elementary schools in the state, some of the most well-known being Kingston Elementary School, Thoroughgood Elementary School, and Strawbridge Elementary School.

Virginia Beach is one of the best cities to live in Virginia
Virginia Beach is one of the best cities to live in Virginia for your family.

7. Lexington

A quintessential small town with a low cost of living is exactly what Lexington is. This city with only 7,320 residents proudly makes our list of the best places in Virginia and rightfully so. You’d have to look hard to find a safer and more affordable place in Virginia, and if you like living in a quiet, suburban area in addition to that, then Lexington is just the place for you. Rich in history, this small town appears to be from another era. But, don’t be fooled by its old-town look. The majority of its population are young people just starting their careers.

8. Charlottesville

Charlottesville is a true Virginian gem. Laying in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, the city is home to just over 48,000 people. It was named the “happiest city in the country” due to its close-knit and welcoming community. The sense of happiness and togetherness is so strong that its residents even said that they wouldn’t move from Charlottesville, VA even if they were offered a higher salary elsewhere. The city is also home to The University of Virginia, which means you or your children will have the chance to attend a well-established and renowned university such as the UVA.

happy people
Charlottesville has a great community!

You will find tons of interesting activities, whatever your interests may be. You can enjoy numerous breweries, and wineries, or visit vineyards and orchards during summer and fall. Moving here with the long distance moving companies Northern VA offers will give you a chance to explore all the cozy bookstores and beautiful nature that C-ville, as the locals call it, offers.

9. Bridgewater

Another excellent option when you choose where to live in Virginia is the city of Bridgewater. This is an affordable place that offers all the amenities and the perks of living in Virginia’s best cities such as the low unemployment rates and good schools. Bridgewater is a city with crime rates 80% lower than the Virginia average, making it extremely safe. Not having to worry about your safety in today’s day and age is a luxury. And considering that many cities that rank as best in the country or a state usually come at a higher cost of living, Bridgewater is a refreshing surprise. Housing prices are also more affordable than the state average whether you’re buying or renting. All in all, it very much justifies its motto “A Better Life”.

10. Richmond

Affordable and high-quality living can go hand-in-hand if you move to Richmond, VA. Considering that Virginia as a state has one of the best education systems in the USA, it’s no wonder that all of its top cities boast excellent schools. Your children will be able to attend top-quality elementary and high schools in Richmond after you move here. Richmond is also very favorable for small businesses and young entrepreneurs, which is why moving your business to this city with commercial movers Virginia offers is a great decision. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a job, Richmond also has a low unemployment rate and a booming job market which is thriving as time passes. If you’re a fan of water sports and activities, Richmond is the place for you. The James River runs through the city, making it perfect for those who enjoy swimming, kayaking, or fishing.

Richmond is one of the best cities to live in Virginia
Richmond is one of the top places to move to in Virginia.

Moving to the Old Dominion means you’ll be showered with excellent options when you choose where to live. The list of the best cities to live in Virginia could go on with so many fantastic places we haven’t even mentioned. With the right moving help and the city that suits your lifestyle best, you’ll be settling in VA in no time. Get ready to explore all the beauty that the state has to offer after a seamless relocation!


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