Things to consider when moving to DC

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Moving to Washington DC can be both fun and stressful. If you’re still having trouble deciding whether or not you should move to DC, you should know that the city offers plenty of amazing perks. As with any other place, there are advantages and disadvantages to consider when moving to DC. But, if you’re set on your decision, you’ll need reliable movers to help you. Hire one of the reputable moving companies DMV area offers, and enjoy a smooth moving experience. Relocating to Washington DC doesn’t have to be hard and stressful, you just need to organize the move. Learn all about the benefits and flaws of living in DC, as well as what to do for a smooth relocation if you decide to move.

What you should consider when moving to DC

Relocating to DC is an important decision that will certainly change your life. If you worry about whether or not you’ll settle in DC with ease, we are bringing you some things to consider. Moving to the US capital with the DC area movers can be intimidating if you don’t know what to expect.

aerial view of Washington DC
Washington DC is a great place!

Here’s what you should do some research on and see if it fits your lifestyle before relocating to Washington DC:

  • the cost of living
  • the job market
  • healthcare
  • the weather
  • the traffic
  • entertainment options

The cost of living in Washington DC

As you probably expect, the cost of living in Washington DC is quite high. Similar to all other major US cities, what you pay to live in DC is above the national average. To be precise, the cost of living in DC is 50% higher than the US average. That is no surprise considering that the situation is similar in most US major cities. Housing prices are also high, with the median home price of $506,000 and a median rent of $1,362 both being above the national average. However, the median income is also higher in DC, which means that you can make a living and not spend all your hard-earned money on rent and groceries alone after a successful move with residential movers Washington DC offers. Living in DC is expensive, but if this is your dream city- it’s worth it.

The job market is on the rise

Although the job market in DC might seem unfavorable with higher unemployment rates than the national average, not all is bad. In fact, the average salary is higher in this area, and the unemployment rates have been dropping recently. If you’re considering moving to Washington DC with the long distance movers DC has at its disposal in hopes of finding employment, you’re in luck. Especially if you’re looking for a job in the public sector. The US Government employs over 140,000 people in the DC area alone. Finding employment in other sectors and industries also shouldn’t be a problem. The job market in DC is thriving, and there are more and more job openings continuously.

business woman working on her laptop before moving to DC
Moving to DC for work can be a great decision.

Crime rates are dropping significantly

One of the biggest downsides of living in Washington DC used to be the increased crime rate. However, that has changed drastically in recent years. Although the crime rates are still higher than the national average, they’ve been dropping significantly over the last few years. So for example, this year’s crime rates are 16% lower than last year’s, which is a great improvement. Considering that the city is becoming safer, the crime rates shouldn’t stop you from moving here with the interstate movers Washington DC offers. Enjoy the city and everything it has to offer without worrying about your safety. Considering that some of the nicest and most expensive suburbs such as Alexandria, Arlington, and Chevy Chase are in the DC area, a drop in crime rates is expected.

Healthcare is one of the most important things to consider

Contrary to housing, groceries, and the overall high cost of living in DC, healthcare is surprisingly affordable in the US capital. Some of the best specialists and healthcare professionals work in DC hospitals, which is all the more reason to consider moving here with the local movers DC offers. Although the healthcare system is well equipped and one of the very best in the country, the city of Washington DC offers plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities with numerous parks, trails, and sports courts spread throughout the city. A lot of emphases is put on healthy living, which is why moving to Washington DC is great.

The weather is a perk of living in DC

Depending on where you’re moving from, the weather in Washington DC can be quite a surprise. If you’re currently living in a hot state such as Florida or California, moving to Washington which has four distinct seasons year round can be a refreshment. You can enjoy the beauty that comes with each individual season, as each brings something new. Assuming that you’re used to hot summers, you will be able to experience the breathtaking cherry blossoms in spring, autumn leaves in all shades of yellow, orange, and red, and extraordinary walks in the winter snow when everything is cozy and silent even in such a big city.

cherry blossoms in Washington DC
The cherry blossoms are magical in Washington DC.

DC is family-friendly

If you thought Washington DC isn’t family-friendly, you’d be wrong. Your children will love everything that the city has to offer in all seasons, we all know how much kids love snow. You can even find a useful kid friendly guide to Washington DC and learn how to take the most advantage of the city. Don’t worry about their education either, since DC is home to some of the best schools in the country. You will be able to choose from numerous great public or private schools for your children to attend. Living with kids in the US capital doesn’t have to be scary. There is a lot of family-friendly content available wherever you go, and the suburbs are peaceful and safe for them to play and grow up in.

The traffic can be a lot

One of the biggest downsides of relocating to Washington DC, cost of living aside, is the traffic. It can really be a lot, considering that the city is so densely populated with 5,434,000 residents. DC is constantly growing, and the traffic usually suffers. Daily traffic jams are not a rare occurrence in the city. If you’re moving your office to Washington DC with the office moving companies DC has at its disposal, the commute is something you should keep in mind. On the other hand, the public transportation system is among the best in the country. It’s simple and all parts of the city are well-connected.

In fact, the Metrorail system is such that you can get between any two stations without having to transfer more than once. If you don’t own a car and rely on public transport to get around, you will be pleasantly surprised with Washington DC.

Enjoy the historical content that Washington DC offers along with free museums

If you need one reason to move to DC, the abundance of historical content can be it. Home to Lincoln Memorial Center, The White House, United States Capitol, and many other attractions, Washington DC is one of the most popular destinations among tourists because of its rich history. A big advantage of living here is visiting its numerous museums for free. If you’re an art lover, don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity! Of course, not all museums in DC are free, but many of them are.

the White House
Washington DC is full of history.

Be sure to check out the National Gallery of Art, National Air and Space Museum, National Museum of American History, National Museum of Natural History, and the International Spy Museum, to name a few. Although living in DC means you might have to move through crowds of tourists often, it’s worth it if you consider how much historical and art content the city offers.

Organize a seamless relocation to DC with ease

Relocating to DC stress-free can be done, but you need to organize the relocation in time. Procrastinating and waiting for the last minute can only bring more anxiety and mess into the moving process. There are a few essential steps for a seamless move:

  • hiring movers on time
  • choosing a packing system you don’t hate
  • getting rid of things you don’t need

Hire movers on time

Hiring movers on time is the most important step for a happy relocation. If you’re thinking about organizing your own move to DC, surely you can do it, but it can bring a lot of unnecessary stress and anxiety. Moving professionals know how to handle different relocation problems depending on the type of your move. Every move is different, and they have enough experience to manage even the most complicated relocations with ease. That is why you should start looking for moving services up to 8 weeks before your relocation. This will ensure you have enough time to get estimates from several companies and compare the prices.

If you’re on a budget, hiring movers early is especially beneficial since you will get the best price. Booking moving services last minute can turn out to be quite costly if you even manage to find any available movers. Most reputable moving companies book fast during summer, so keep that in mind when you plan your relocation.

mover holding a box
Make sure to book moving services on time when you’re moving to DC.

Choose a packing system you don’t hate

Packing and unpacking is the worst part of moving for most people. It’s time-consuming and you have to buy all these different packing supplies to make sure you don’t damage your belongings in transit. However, there is a way to make packing fun. If you’re not getting packing services, try finding a packing system that works best for your lifestyle. Most people go with room-by-room packing. Start around 2 weeks before the moving date and pack one room at a time. You should choose the rooms you use least often, such as the guest bedroom, attic, or garage. If you find that packing a whole room in one go takes too much time, you can start even earlier and pack for one hour each day. Set a timer, pack, and finish once the timer goes off.

Don’t move things you don’t need

Taking things you never use with you when you move is the biggest waste of money. That is why you should consider getting rid of as many things you don’t need, use, or that are easily replaceable before you move. Take a good look at your belongings and sort through them. The fewer items you have to move, the more affordable moving services will be. It’s a great way to save money and start fresh and clutter-free in your new home in Washington DC. You can sell or donate the items in good condition, and throw away the ones that can’t be used anymore. Try to toss only what you must, to avoid unnecessary waste.

two women holding boxes before moving to DC
Decluttering before the move is the best way to save money and pack faster.

Enjoy moving to DC with reliable movers by your side

Having reliable movers and knowing what you can expect from living in Washington DC will make your relocation experience pleasurable and memorable. When you prepare for the move properly and get to know the city, even the farthest move is simpler, and settling in will be easier. Moving to DC has its advantages and disadvantages, but the US capital can be pretty amazing. With crime rates drastically dropping as well as the unemployment rate, the ever-growing Washington DC only gets more and more popular. Families with kids and young professionals alike choose to move to the city and explore its charms and the opportunities it offers. Join them and find out what the appeal of Washington DC is!


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