At Beltway Movers, we strive to make your moving experience as smooth, quick, and efficient as possible. When it comes to handling your valuable possessions, you want to make sure you’re hiring a professional moving company that has guidelines in place to ensure your possessions are in good hands – Beltway Movers has them covered; literally!  

This is why we have our SmartPack® system in place which is a registered trademark of Beltway Movers that allows us to move customers’ belongings more quickly and reduces packing time and material waste.  Our SmartPack® system includes a fully equipped fleet of vans, floor runners, crush proof cartons, moving pads, and shrink wrapping for furniture.

Furthermore, all of our trucks are fully equipped with a two-tiered loading system to handle any move! A two-tiered loading system means our trucks have shelves that allow us to load local moves faster than the traditional method used by long distance movers. We also carry more dollies and hampers than most companies in our area, which allows us to quickly move things down halls on a high rise move.

Our crush proof cartons for local moves serve as a convenient way to pack up picture frames and the like. Think of this as a cushioned toaster – we wrap a picture frame in a moving pad, and then slide it into the crush proof carton, which has several slots. This helps the move take less time, while also reducing waste! It reduces said waste because you will not have to buy boxes, paper, or tape that would inevitably get thrown away after the move. We are always trying to help our customers save money by providing efficient services that save on time.

At Beltway Movers, we quote at an hourly rate, which means our SmartPack® system is included within every move which will hasten your move and reduce the hassles and cost! We also reuse our moving pads and crush proof cartons so there’s no mess and no waste!

Do you have questions on our SmartPack® system? If so call Beltway Movers at (877) 959-7727, or visit our website. We look forward to working with you!

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