Common moving day problems and how to avoid them

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    Moving your home is without a doubt stressful and hectic, and you’ll be very busy for a few days. All of your preparation is aimed towards the final showdown, the moving day. Every single plan you made in the previous few weeks will determine how successful your move really is. And, even after the move is over, you’ll still face a few days of unpacking everything and decorating your new home. However, no matter how much you prepare, you could still face a few very common moving day problems. These are all small oversights which can really put a delay on your moving day. That’s why some of the best movers DMV has are here to assist you and make sure everything goes smoothly! We like seeing you succeed, and that’s why we’ve put together this blog. With it, you’ll be able to overcome these moving day problems with ease!

    Packing your items without order is one of the biggest common moving day problems

    Good organization while moving is beneficial in two ways. Mainly, your timeline up to the moving day will be smooth if you know exactly where everything is, what you have to do, and what you have already done. And then, once you move and the time for unpacking comes, you’ll surely reap the benefits of saving time and being efficient. If you want to avoid digging through endless boxes in search of one specific item, not knowing if you even packed it or not, we advise approaching the packing process in a methodical way.

    two people packing boxes for a move
    A good packing and labeling system will save you lots of precious time and let you avoid common moving day problems

    Pack room by room and try not to mix items. Reserve a box or two only for bedroom items, and another few only for bathroom items. If you throw random items into random boxes, you’ll quickly lose track of everything and get confused. Whenever you finish packing a box, label it with the name of the room it came from. By doing this you will help your preferred residential movers Maryland to successfully load the truck in the right order. If you’re packing fragile items, write a warning on the box, so your movers know to be extra careful. It isn’t a bad idea to write a short list of items that are in the box, so you can find them easier. This is a bit of extra work, but it will definitely be worth it when the time for unpacking comes.

    Injuries when lifting heavy items are a very frequent occurrence

    Even if you do decide to hire one of long distance moving companies Maryland to help you out, you’ll probably end up moving a few boxes yourself when the moving day arrives. You’d probably think that it won’t hurt to just grab the biggest box and get it out of the way. The truth is, it could hurt a lot. From a pulled muscle to an injured back, one mistake could really put a damper on your moving day. Injuries are one of the bigger common moving day issues, and they can be prevented by taking things slow and being careful. When it comes to lifting anything, only deal with loads you can easily handle on your own. If something seems too big and you need a hand, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Whenever you lift anything, bend your knees, and lift with them, rather than your back.

    movers carrying a green sofa
    Let your knees do the lifting, and keep your back straight at all times

    Forgetting to take care of your utilities may be an unexpected cost in the future

    Needless to say, when the moving day arrives, there will be so many things running through your head. Between finding moving and storage companies in Maryland, it is very easy to simply forget some things which seem insignificant at the moment. With that in mind, finding the water meter, the electric boxes, and the gas meter in your new home probably won’t be a priority. However, these are very important tasks, if you want to avoid fees for submitting your readings too late. You’ll have a clear indication of your spending which will help you maintain expenses. Thankfully, many companies allow you to submit your meter readings online through various apps. This makes it quick and easy for you to ensure that all your readings are accurate, and your bills are paid on time.

    person holding business documents
    Take care of your legal documents on time to avoid future issues

    One important thing to keep in mind is that you should start sorting out your utilities long before your moving day. We all want to wrap up our relocation as quickly as possible, but it is still important to think ahead. Once you figure out when your official move day will be, try to make a time frame that will ensure a smooth transition. Take a look at all of your utilities and see if you can transfer them to your new home. If you can transfer your home utilities, book the installation on the day of the move, or one day after. This way, you’ll have your home fully set up from day one. If you have to cancel the services you’re currently using, do so without delay. Not canceling a utility charge in your old home may surprise you as an unexpected cost further down the road.

    Overworking yourself can lead to many common moving day problems

    If you’re about to undergo a local move of a small apartment, you could probably take the DIY approach. However, it is very important to take things slow and not overexert yourself. Even in this scenario, hiring reliable local movers MD is an excellent choice. But if you’re relocating on a tight budget, you’ll be just fine on your own. Regardless of how many items you need to move, take everything one step at a time. Create your moving checklist, divide it into smaller, simpler tasks, and take it slow. Doing everything at once can not only burn you out quickly, but it can also lead to all of the common moving day problems we’ve mentioned. Working smart and at a steady pace will help you achieve everything on time, without getting stressed and exhausted. Keep your chin up, stay determined, and your upcoming move will be a breeze!

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