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    Beltway Mover’s Dispatch Crew – the glue between the sales team and the moving crews.

    The Dispatch Crew is an integral part of the Beltway team. They work with the sales team and the moving crews in order to make sure move days are seamless from beginning to end.

    The real magic of dispatch is their ability to accomplish timely and efficient moves even when the hiccups of everyday life get in the way. Nine inches of snow predicted, what do I do? My settlement for this afternoon just got postponed. A driver calls in with one of his kids sick and needing to go the doctor. I’m moving tomorrow and the elevator in my building just quit working. We all know DC traffic, but I just have to be out of my apartment no later than 10:30AM.

    Below is a breakdown of what the Dispatch Crew does on a daily basis. 

    • Wins the trust and confidence of nervous customers.
    • Ensures available crews and equipment.
    • Manages the dispatch of the schedule.
    • Confirms details and logistics as outlined by the sales staff.
    • Acts as the safety net when things don’t go quite as planned.
    • Ensures that the customers like us as much at the end of the day as when they said “I do” to sales.

    A few key team members of the Dispatch Crew – Kelly from Forestville, Brian from Rockville and Dave from Alexandria – gave us some great tips and tricks for a seamless move day! Keep reading to learn what they had to say.

    Communication is key! We want our customers to communicate with us and give us the information we need for a smooth move. It may seem like we ask a lot of questions during a move consultation, but the more precise customers are about the amount of furniture and boxes they need moved the better. Customers can help us prepare if they look at the estimate and confirm the variables for getting in and out of the residence and call for help when the packing is not done. A customer does not want to “hide” information from us in hopes that things will be okay. They want to tell us everything so we can work as a team.

    We’re proud of what we do –frequently we get distress calls from individuals who contracted with another mover and that mover doesn’t show up on move day. If it is at all possible we are delighted to accommodate that customer and we are able to do so because of the tight control our dispatchers keep of our available drivers and vans.

    Two important tips to keep in mind:
    1. If need be, make sure you’ve reserved parking in front of your home for the movers. We have an article on our web called Move Day Logistics that will help you with that process.
    2. If you live in an apartment building, don’t forget to reserve the elevator for the day of your move. Our dispatchers most likely already know the sizes and restrictions of the loading docks, parking areas and garages.

    Remember Beltway always has you covered – we haven’t missed a move in over 50 years! How? We never over schedule and always make sure to have extra drivers available to cover moves, just in case!

    Meet Our Dispatch Teams

    The Alexandria Team
    Dave Niebauer is the manager. He ensures the office runs smoothly, handles the management of long distance moves, hires crew members and ensures customer satisfaction. The buck stops at Dave’s desk!

    Wilson Neff comes in at 5:00 am five days a week to open the office and get the crews out the door on time! During the day he runs the warehouse to accommodate your storage needs.

    Richard Okai calls customers the day before the move to verify the details of the move. He also acts as liaison between the crew and the customers on move day.

    Calvin Siler orders moving supplies. He also completes truck checks to ensure the equipment that is needed is available for your move and serves as administrative assistant to the office.

    Left to right Richard Okai, Wilson Neff, Dave Niebauer, and Calvin Siler.
    Left to right Calvin Siler, Richard Okai, Dave Niebauer, and Wilson Neff.

    The Forestville Team
    The Forestville Branch serves as Beltway’s central focus of operations. One of their functions is to ensure Beltway operates under the Correct DOT guidelines of the DC commercial zone. Few people realize that a reputable moving company determines if a move is intra state, long distance or local based on those regulations. This effects whether or not the person pays by the hour or by the pound, according to a written tariff.

    Kelly and Doug assign all contract numbers for the company to ensure that Beltway has accounted for every move on the schedule for all three offices. They also serve as the clearing house if Beltway needs to ask a different office to handle a move should a problem arise in the office that was to handle it. This is part of the system that ensures Beltway Movers hasn’t missed a move day in over 50 years! 

    Pictured at the map is Kelly Burke and Doug Graves.
    Kelly Burke and Doug Graves

    The Rockville Team
    Brian Barton is the office manager, while Dave Christon is a dispatcher and cow wrangler for the Rockville office. They accomplish the tasks as outlined in the Alexandria line up.

    Additionally, they greet customers who stop by to access their self-storage unit or buy moving supplies.

    Did you know? All of our offices have cartons and moving supplies in full stock all the time. The cartons are commercial grade and clean. It’s also less expensive to buy them from us than from an office supply store. Plus, the cartons come with free advice from our staff and, if returned, provide a 40% return on their money!

    At the counter from left to right is Rockville office manager Brian Barton and dispatcher Dave Christon.
    At the counter from left to right is Rockville office manager Brian Barton and dispatcher Dave Christon.

    Are you moving in the near future? If so, call Beltways Movers, we’re movers in Washington, DC, today at (800) 966-8348. We look forward to working with you!

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    We used Beltway Movers to move all of our furniture and most of our other belongings into storage for more than three years and to move those belongings back into our house. We're very satisfied with every aspect of our dealings with Beltway Movers.

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    From initial reservation to the long-term storage of our possessions to the final moving day we have been extremely pleased with the professionalism, courtesy and customer service we've experienced. This is why we return to Beltway each time.

    - Dwayne P October 7, 2021

    The team was fantastic. Brian and Troy were phenomenal. I went back to Beltway Movers because of the excellent service Brian and his then crew provided back in July 2020. I cannot say enough positive things about them.

    - David I. June 22, 2021

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