Planning a Summer Move: Part Two

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    Welcome back! Since you’re reading this we’re guessing you’re in the final few weeks of your move. Congratulations!! Now time to get to the stressful/dirty stuff – final moving checklist! Below are important tips for making the last stages of your move run as smoothly as possible during the final weeks. Use the list below as a checklist for getting things done before the move!

    Three Weeks
    1. Collect or transfer records, i.e. doctors, dentists, optometrists, veterinarians, lawyers, accountants, insurance carriers, banking institutions, pharmacy, investment companies, financial advisors, grocery store savings cards, safety deposit boxes, etc. – the list goes on and on!
    2. The last thing you’ll want to do after you move is clean your old home. Instead schedule a post move cleaning crew for your old home.

    Two Weeks 
    1. Get rid of EVERYTHING you don’t need or want. Drop things off at a local charity, give things away to family and friends, and return items you have borrowed or rented and library books.
    2. Confirm pack dates and move dates with your moving professional.
    3. Arrange professional disconnection of ice makers, gas dryers, antennae, cable etc.
    4. Arrange childcare and pet care for move day. Trust us, you’ll be glad you did!
    5. Ensure that packing materials are being delivered soon. Learn about Beltway’s carton recommendations and packing tips by clicking here!
    6. Start packing. It usually will take you 30 minutes a box. Need to learn more about how to pack? Click here.

    One Week 
    1. Start packing your personal move kit of essentials. What should be in the kit? Click here to find out!
    2. Set aside cleaning supplies.
    3. Minimize the number of perishables you buy for your refrigerator & freezer. You don’t want to worry about that stuff on moving day.
    4. Visit Beltway Movers’ website and read about liability insurance so you can make an informed decision on move day.

    Five Days 
    1. NOTHING should be in your home that is not being taken to your new residence.
    2. Make sure all items are clearly labeled.
    3. If you think you will need the moving company to help with packing call your consultant.
    4. Confirm move in date and time with new residence. Ask about elevator and loading dock policy. Ensure that your elevator and loading dock are secured for your move so you don’t pay movers to stand around waiting for access.
    5. Obtain “No Parking” signs to secure a place for the van to park as close to your residence as possible. Need help with Logistics? Click here.
    6. Ask if any items can be moved in early and if so plan on taking flammable items in your car early. Movers are not allowed to put them on trucks.
    7. If you can go into your new residence early go ahead and move your plants or ask Beltway to load them on the day of the move in the back of their van.

    Three Days 
    1. Packing continues (don’t worry you’re almost done!). Ensure that boxes are clearly labeled on four sides with contents description and room designation.
    2. Keep working on your move essential kit. This is a box you can set aside and instruct the movers not to touch except to load in your car.
    3. Gather up organizational folder regarding this move.
    4. Make a note to bring the following on your move: Cell phone & charge, laptop or tablet, map of your new community, driver’s license, medicine, snacks and drinks, toiletries, personal hygiene items, a towel and wash cloth, night clothes and a change of clothes, money and valuables, keys to important locales (car, current residence, new residence and storage rooms), eye glasses or contacts, pet essentials, box cutter & scissors, reading material or puzzles for relaxing, nightlights, and drain power equipment and hoses.
    5. Call your Beltway Movers consultant with an update. Let them know if your service needs have changed so your estimate can be adjusted and there will be no surprises on move day.

    Two Days 
    1. Defrost freezer and refrigerator. Move perishables to new home if possible. On a local Beltway Move items can be packed in coolers supplied by you. The movers will load them last on move day and immediately place them near the refrigerator of your new home upon unloading.
    2. Set aside flammable materials to be moved by you or disposed of.
    3. Obtain funds you need for paying moving company, lunch and last minute cash purchases.
    4. Pack some snacks for yourself for move day.
    5. Make sure you have keys to new home.

    One Day 
    1. Pack your bed linen box. Label box “linens for bed in new home load last, unpack first.”
    2. Confirm that utilities will be cut off at your prior residence tomorrow and new utilities are operating at new residence.
    3. Prepare computers and home entertainment electronics for the move. It will save you the cost of paying a mover to unplug and wrap up a cord. Trying to save costs? Learn more here.
    4. Ensure that you have the necessary cash, certified funds or credit card to pay for the move at the end of the move day.
    5. Expect a call from Beltway Movers to confirm details of your move.

    MOVE DAY (it’s finally here!)
    1. Ensure you are ready for the move crew’s arrival.
    2. Review what to expect on move day using Beltway Movers move day expectations checklist that was provided by your consultant on the day of you inhome estimate.
    3. Ask a mover to load your move essential kit into your car.
    4. Take a last look around.
    5. Is the water shut off?
    6. Furnace and air conditioner shut off?
    7. Light switches turned off?
    8. All utilities arranged for disconnection?
    9. Windows shut and locked?
    10. Old house keys surrendered?
    11. Look in the closet and behind doors.
    12. Cleaning supplies have been left behind for cleaning service.
    13. Walk through the home with your mover ensuring that everything has been addressed to your satisfaction.
    14. Confirm that all boxes will be discarded.
    15. Arrive at your new home and do everything in reverse! 😉

    Are you interested in learning more about Beltways Movers? If so, call us today at (800) 966-8348.

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    - Susan M. February 12, 2021

    Our move consultant, Ben, was very friendly, informative, and kind. Ben was willing to help anyway he could to put us at ease and to explain the cost and process. Amazing and conscientious, quick and courteous, these guys finished in record time. Our next move will be with Beltway movers, no questions asked.

    - Jordan S. February 18, 2021

    We used Beltway Movers to move all of our furniture and most of our other belongings into storage for more than three years and to move those belongings back into our house. We're very satisfied with every aspect of our dealings with Beltway Movers.

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